February 2018

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Gemini Campaign Objective for Native Introduced

Gemini has introduced a new campaign objective: Open my mail ad. The objective is designed to engage users on Yahoo Mail, enabling advertisers to promote new products, deals or generate leads.

open mail ad

For Ad groups, you’ll have the choice of a CPC bid or a CPV bid. Those are the only choices available for this campaign objective for native ads. You can work with two assets (Thumbnail + Mail Ad asset) when your bid is CPC and the ad format that you select is Mail Ad.

thumbnail mail asset

Coming Soon

The Gemini Product teams are working on a number of new and improved enhancements, both for Gemini and the Gemini Advertiser Help Guide. We’ve been actively engaged with Account Managers who handle self-serve advertisers coming to the Gemini platform, gathering important customer feedback and comments.

Among the new documentation projects currently in the works:

  • the implementation of inline, contextual help for the Gemini UI

  • new docs that deal with Search vs. Native topics, billing, bid modifiers, conversion tracking, dot tags, event tracking, and more.

  • how new advertisers can onboard to Gemini more easily and efficiently.

  • additional how-to videos with screencasts, walkthroughs, and so on

  • podcasts that explain more difficult to understand topics in serving ads, controlling bids, optimizing for eCPC and clicks

  • new docs dealing with issues involving bulk uploads and call extensions

  • videos that focus on Oath and its value proposition for advertisers.

Reminder: New Gemini Dynamic Product Ads for Native Introduced

Dynamic Product Ads are feed-based ads that you can personalize, depending on each of your customer’s unique shopping history and buying habits. These ads are ideal if you’re running an e-commerce or travel business, with large product catalogs.

Check out this video, presented by a Gemini Product Manager, for a quickstart on how you can take advantage of Dynamic Product Ads in Gemini.

Navigate to the topics listed in Dynamic Product Ads to get started. For managed accounts, be sure to contact your Gemini account team for greater assistance in setting up and launching your catalogs and product feeds.