February 2020

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Verizon Media Ad Platform.

New: Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for Travel & Hotels, and DPA for Retail

  • Verizon Media now provides you with two new feed ad solutions: Dynamic Product Ads for Travel & Hotels and Dynamic Product Ads for Retail. Because Dynamic Product Ads automatically show products to shoppers who have already viewed, searched, initiated checkout or purchased a hotel or cruise reservation, they provide an effective solution for travel and hotel retailers.

  • For an overview of key benefits, steps to get started, best practices, strategies and solutions, see our Travel & Hotel Solutions and our Retail Solutions guides. If you’re an advertiser who is familiar with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel and Facebook Retail & ecommerce ads, you’ll want to be sure to sign up for this offering from Verizon Media. Our implementation is similar to that of Facebook’s. Note that both Travel & Hotel Solutions and the Retail Solutions guides are intended for advertisers who have already iterated through the sections for Dynamic Product Ads in the Advertiser Guide.

New: DPA Targeting Attributes

  • When setting up Dynamic Product Ads in the UI, you can now target Custom Audiences as well as set site bid adjustments to optimize your site-level campaign performance. For setup steps, see How to Create a Dynamic Product Ad in our Advertiser Guide.

New: Countdown Timer Prefix Text for Flash Sale Ad

To add Countdown Prefix to a Flash Sale Ad in the UI, refer to the Advertiser Guide for options and examples.

Updated Verizon Media Native UI

  • We’ve updated the design of our Native platform to reflect the updated Verizon Media branding. Note that this update does not change the current Native UI functionality. The UI may look a little different, but trust that you still have access to all the great data, inventory and performance that you are used to.

Meanwhile, we’re working to update the existing screenshots of the UI to match this new Verizon Media design. Stay tuned.

New: Strict Validation for Redirect URLs


We now have strict validation for our redirect URLs. This means that if a registered redirect URL is, for example, http://example.com, but the actual redirect URL is http://example.com/test, the redirect will fail. For more details, see Latest Updates.

Updated Bulk Operations

  • We’ve updated the API documentation for Bulk operations, with the latest information on how to upload and download bulk files in your advertiser accounts. A sample tab-separated CSV file spreadsheet is provided, along with information on Bulk schemas and objects. Check out the documentation for Bulk Operations.

New: Native Insights Article

  • Check out our latest article, Make every mobile moment shoppable this holiday season. In this article, you’ll learn about solutions to engage shoppers with mobile ad units and features that provide options for advertisers looking to drive audiences from simply browsing to an intentional, buying mindset.

New: On-Demand Webinar: Get Results This Holiday with Native Campaigns

  • Check out our latest on-demand webinar, Get Results This Holiday With Native Campaigns. In this 21-minute webinar, you’ll earn how eCommerce is quickly evolving and about unique native ad solutions available for your holiday campaigns. You’ll discover helpful trends and insightful changes with today’s online holiday shoppers. Unwrap interactive native ad formats that drive greater engagement and performance. See real-life examples of which ad formats to use for your specific holiday goals.

New: Video in Ad Workshop: Zen and the Art of Digital Storytelling

  • Check out our latest video in the Ad Workshop section of the Advertiser Guide: Zen & the Art of Digital Storytelling. In this video, we step back a bit to explore some of the techniques you can employ to write ad copy that works best to reach and connect with your target customers. Frank Palmieri, a Senior Manager on the Account Strategy team at Verizon Media, walks you through the steps you need to follow – and delivers the answers. The essence of writing great ad copy – copy that converts – is telling a compelling story that excites your customers and provides them with a call to action.