January 2017

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Video Series Introduced

Engage is a new video series aimed at Gemini advertisers who are coming to the platform and wish to create their own ad campaigns, as well as learn the basics of how to work effectively with Gemini for best performance and results.

The videos are presented by Gemini Product Managers, illustrating the steps and best practices you need to follow to accomplish a wide range of ad and campaign creation tasks, using the Gemini UI.

Check out the Hands-On Video: Create Your First Gemini Ad Campaign, which walks you through the steps you take in the Gemini UI.

The video is 4:51 minutes.

Alerts For Keywords Without Ads

Yahoo Gemini now provides Gemini advertisers with new alert notifications for keywords without ads.

Gemini advertisers will be notified if they have keywords without ads via the Gemini UI and the Notification Center. In addition, advertisers will be able to download a report from the Notification Center and/or the bottom panel in the Gemini UI.

Check out the section on Alerts for Keywords Without Ads for more information on this new Gemini feature.