July 2016

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Account Sync For Importing Campaigns from AdWords Introduced

Now you can take advantage of Yahoo Gemini Account sync to extend the effort (read: investment) you’ve spent on AdWords to drive more business results and ROI with your search campaigns. With minimal time and effort, you can increase volume, i.e., both traffic and impressions by running on new and additional supply from Yahoo.

Gemini Account Sync is a powerful new feature extension to the Yahoo search family that lets you import your Google AdWords campaigns into Gemini.


For details, check out How to use Account sync to import campaigns from Google AdWords.

New Keyword Planner Tool Introduced

Yahoo Gemini Keyword Planner is a new search and reporting tool designed for Gemini advertisers who need to capture market data for keywords, including historical data, forecasting, bid landscape and reach.

A feature-rich extension to the Yahoo search family, you can use Keyword Planner in your reporting workflow in the Gemini UI by accessing the Tools menu dropdown.

keyword planner ui

For details, check out How to Use Keyword Planner to Capture Market Data.

Changes to Bulk Schema Location Targeting, Interest Targeting & Custom Audience Targeting

For Location Targeting, Interest Targeting & Custom Audience Targeting in Bulk, Gemini no longer accepts Object ID for targeting uploads.

For details, check out Location Targeting, Interest Targeting & Custom Audience Targeting.

New Negative Keyword Lists Introduced

Now you can create and build negative keyword lists for all or selected Gemini campaigns, using the Gemini Shared Library options.

negative keyword lists menu item

Negative keywords enable you to refine your matching by blocking words, i.e., excluding words or phrases that you believe are not relevant to your products and services. Both negative phrase and negative exact are supported as match types.

Details are available at Use Negative Keyword Lists.

Updated Native Video Ads Pricing

Video is available for app install ads, brand video ads and direct response ads. For app install ads, video is priced on a CPCV. For brand video, Gemini offers CPV pricing where the view is defined as a 3-second view, and for direct response ads Gemini offers CPC pricing.

For more information, see How To Create Native Ads With Video.

Gemini UI Changes

We’ve updated the documentation for the Gemini Advertiser Guide to reflect the new changes in the Gemini UI. You’ll see that the Campaigns tab has been replaced by the Manage ads tab. This change will help you more easily manage, update and navigate your Gemini ad campaigns and ad groups.

new ui manage ads

In addition, you’ll see the new Shared library tab, with dropdown menus for Ad extensions, Conversion rules, Custom audience and Negative keyword lists.