July 2017

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

How To Use Site Bid Adjustments To Modify Your Bids

In the How-To section of the docs, check out Site Bid Adjustments, a new feature that lets native advertisers modify their bids on a per-site, per-device basis on selected sites, similar to group bid adjustments, but with more granularity.

Using this feature, you can identify top-performing sites and bid more on just those sites.

For more information, check out the new feature at Site Bid Adjustments.

New Bulk Site X Device Targeting Added

In concert with Site Bid Site Adjustments, you can take advantage of Site X Device Targeting in Bulk, which allows native advertisers to modify their bids on a per-site, per-device basis on selected sites, and is applicable to native channel-only, as well as VisitWeb or PromoteBrand objectives-only.

For more information, check out Site X Device Targeting for Bulk.

How To Use Native Video Captions For Maximum Recall of Ad Messaging

Gemini now provides support for native video captions in the Gemini UI. You can use closed captioning to achieve maximum recall of your ad’s messaging.

Captions appear as an overlay to the video asset in the muted state and will disappear in the un-muted state. You can add a caption file to your videos via the Gemini UI, API and Bulk.

To view a video walkthrough of how to create video captions in Gemini, check out Hands-On Video: Create Video Closed Captions.

New Bulk Field Added For Video Captioning

An optional video caption file url (a string type) has been added to Bulk. Use this field to accompany the video url provided for video ads. Technical requirements for captions are described in Ad.

Updated Section on Using Match Types for Keywords

Keyword match types in Gemini help you specify how close your customer search query matches your keyword. Using more keywords and closer matches may enable you to achieve a higher conversion rate but can also limit impressions.

To save you time and effort when building out your keyword lists, Gemini automatically expands keyword matching for close variants of the words. Ads may appear on search queries that contain all relevant variants, like close variants, synonyms and related searches.

For more information, check out the new section on Close Variants

New Section Added on Troubleshooting Your Ads

This troubleshooting section, which is new in the Gemini Advertiser Guide, addresses topics and issues that Yahoo Gemini advertisers may encounter when working with the Gemini UI.

Look for timely updates to this section as additional information is provided from Gemini & Oath sales, marketing and engineering teams.