June 2016

Check out these new features introduced in Gemini.

New Custom Audience Targeting For Email Lists Introduced

Now you can create and build a custom audience of people on your email lists for targeting campaigns.

custom audience email lists

To accomplish this, you simply have to upload a .csv file of your email addresses in the Gemini UI. Gemini handles all the processing of that list, encrypting the file to protect the personal data that resides on your email list. Once you’ve created the custom audience of your email lists, you can easily manage that customer list, adding or deleting new audiences.

accepted file formats

For details, check out Create Audiences From Your Email Lists.

New Negative Keyword Lists Introduced

Now you can create and build negative keyword lists for all or selected Gemini campaigns, using the Gemini Shared Library options.

negative keyword lists menu item

Negative keywords enable you to refine your matching by blocking words, i.e., excluding words or phrases that you believe are not relevant to your products and services. Both negative phrase and negative exact are supported as match types.

Details are available at Use Negative Keyword Lists.

Updated Native Video Ads Pricing

Video is available for app install ads, brand video ads and direct response ads. For app install ads, video is priced on a CPCV. For brand video, Gemini offers CPV pricing where the view is defined as a 3-second view, and for direct response ads Gemini offers CPC pricing.

For more information, see How To Create Native Ads With Video.