June 2018

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Deeplinking Capability Added to Gemini UI

Gemini now provides you with the option to use deeplinking to drive traffic and improve performance for your mobile ad or DPA campaigns. With a few simple clicks in the Gemini UI, you can enable deeplinking.

That means, you can point customers to specific links deep on your website, below the main page hierarchy, targeting your product or people who have already installed your mobile app, either on iOS or Android.

To learn more, check out the section on How to Add Deeplinking to your Ad Campaigns.

New Guide on Using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager for DPA Introduced

If you already have an account with Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager and are familiar the Adobe Tag Manager UI, you can take advantage of this tag manager to set up your Gemini Dot tags for DPA. Using Adobe Tag Manager, you can create a custom script for your product ads across your webpages.

The steps are described in detail in the Adobe Tag Manager Guide for Gemini DPA Dot tags.

New 3rd Party Interest Segment Targeting Introduced

Now you can set 3rd party interest segment targeting in Bulk at both the native campaign and ad group levels.

See the section on 3rd Party Interest Segment Target in Bulk for all the details.

New Editorial Status and Rejection Reasons Added to Bulk

Also added in Bulk, new Editorial status and Rejection fields have been added to Bulk ads. See the section Bulk ads for more information. You can now see the reasons, for example, why an ad was rejected editorially.