March 2016

Better Targeting and Performance

Our new conversion optimization feature allows advertisers to improve campaign performance by optimizing conversions toward a target cost per acquisition (CPA), while an enhancement to our custom audience capability enables advertisers to target users with native ads based on their in-app actions.

New Custom Audience Enhancements

The new custom audience feature allows mobile app marketers to target customers across devices using their own first-party data. With one data feed, Yahoo finds your audience on PC, mobile and tablet. This capability is already available using data from website actions and mobile device IDs.


You can now target users with native ads on Yahoo and partner inventory based on consumers’ actions within your own apps. When used together with proprietary Yahoo interest data, the data from custom audience in-app actions helps marketers reach and engage people (including shoppers, gamers, browsers) who have expressed interest in their products or services based on their in-app actions.

New Global Search Capability

Using global search, you can search across all of your ads, campaigns, ad groups and keywords in the Gemini UI.


New Filtering & Customization Features

Check out some of these new filtering and customizing options in the Gemini UI.




Custom Table Columns

Create Filters

Select Date Ranges