May 2016

Check out these updates and new features introduced in Gemini.

New Custom Audience Targeting For Search Introduced

Custom audience targeting is a new capability that allows you to use your own data, in combination with Yahoo data, to effectively target your customers in search results across multiple devices. It’s now available for both native and search ads on Yahoo Gemini for all US advertisers.

Now you can target searchers by their online behavior and interests, in addition to their search queries. Through Yahoo Gemini, you can choose audience segments defined by your own data, or use Yahoo data to engage searchers who are more likely to be interested in your products.

Take advantage of this new capability, so you can increase return on your ad spend, and

  • Retarget consumers who visit or perform specific actions on your website.

  • Engage existing app users based on their in-app behavior (cross-device targeting based on mobile advertising IDs or in-app behavior).

  • Target searchers based on more than 150 audience interest categories from Yahoo.

For more details on how to get started, contact a Yahoo account representative, or log into your Yahoo Gemini account. Check out these topics and how-to’s in the Gemini Advertiser Guide:

Important Update to Post Pay - Billing


Any existing prepaid funds will automatically carry over to the Post Pay system as a credit and the credit amount will be used first for ad spend, before Post Pay charges are incurred. For information on Post Pay, refer to How We Bill You - Post Pay.

New Updates on Required Assets & Pricing for App Installs on Mobile

For more information, see Drive App Installs on Mobile.

New Connection Target Object Type Added to Bulk

  • Added Connection Target as a new object type in Bulk which is available for video ads and lets you target WIFI or any connection type. See Connection Targets in Bulk for more information.

  • For Gemini API users, you’ll also find the CONNECTION field available in Targeting Attributes for video ads, also enabling you to target WIFI or any connection type.

New Glossary of Key Gemini Terms Introduced

For a quick lookup of key terms, check out the new Glossary of Gemini Terms.

We’ll be expanding this glossary, adding new terms & concepts from the Gemini UI, with links pointing to various topics in the Advertiser Guide. Let us know if there are particular terms that need special attention when you work advertise Gemini. Use the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

New Feedback Form Added to Guide Pages

It’s now easier than ever to provide the Gemini team with feedback on pages you’ve visited in the Gemini Advertiser Guide.

  1. Click Yes or No at the bottom of each page.

feedback yes no
  1. Enter your comments, preferably in detail, identifying the issues of concern, in the form that pops up.

feedback form enter comments

Your feedback is important. Don’t hesitate to enter your comments. If you wish, you can provide an email contact address, so the Gemini team can reach out to you directly and address your concerns and issues.