November 2017

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Gemini Targeting Feature For Audience Creation Introduced

You can now create an audience based on a conversion rule, using one of two available options in the Gemini UI.

The first option is to use a shortcut to exclude converted users. When creating or editing a Gemini campaign, you can exclude converted users by using this shortcut to create a custom audience based on a conversion rule, and add it to your excluded audiences list.

At the bottom of the Campaign settings dialog, you can click the Exclude converted users item.

campaign settings exclude

The second option is to create a custom audience based on a conversion rule for inclusion or exclusion from targeting settings by following these steps:

  1. Under the Shared library menu item, select Custom audiences.

  2. Click the New audience item in the UI.

  3. Select the Conversion rule audience type.

audience type convervsion rule

For more information, check out Create an Audience Based on a Conversion Rule.

New Gemini Scheduled Reporting Feature Introduced

Gemini now provides you with a new reporting feature that enables you to list your reports and with a simple click in the UI also schedule those reports. This new feature, now available in the Gemini UI, lets you generate and schedule reports for improved performance and greater advertiser ease of use.

If you navigate to Reporting in the Gemini UI and click New report, a list of reports will appear.

reporting scheduled options

By clicking the Scheduled reports tab, you can now view all the scheduled reports for your campaigns.

reporting scheduled