October 2016

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

Search on Native Now Available to Drive More Traffic & Extend Reach

Gemini search on native is a new supply for Gemini search campaigns in the US.

Using search on native, you can now more easily extend reach and performance by showing your ads on Yahoo’s native supply, including Yahoo’s homepage, News, Finance and publisher partners, to consumers who have signaled their intent related to your product or service through a search query on Yahoo Search.

Ad creatives, with the addition of an optional image, and landing pages are all based on your search campaigns and are tailored to the individual query that the consumer performs, enabling stronger personalization and user engagement. You can maintain control by changing the bid adjustments at the keyword level to help optimize your return on ad spend.

Your search campaigns are improved by layering Yahoo’s deep understanding of consumers’ interests and going beyond the search results page.

For managed accounts, this new feature is available in the Gemini UI, which you can specify in the General Information dialog for your campaigns. If you’re a self-serve advertiser, you’ll need to upgrade to a managed account, work with your account representative and get activated.

For details, check out Search on Native.

Bulk Support For Supply Targeting Also Available

Supply targeting for Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet is available in Bulk, applying primarily to Native campaigns. You can set supply targeting at either the campaign or ad group level. For more information, check out Supply Targeting.

In addition, a supply channel field has been added to Campaigns, with Native, Search, and Search and Native options available. For more information, refer to Campaigns.

Gemini UI Now Accepts Excel Uploads

In the Gemini UI, you can now upload Excel .xlsx files for both Single and Multi Accounts. This eliminates the need for a workaround to upload special characters. Previously, Single and Multi Accounts in the Gemini UI only accepted .csv uploads.

upload excel single multiaccount