October 2018

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Oath Ad Platforms.

New Conversion Counting To Control & Optimize Your Campaigns

Native & Search now provides you with a new campaign-level setting that allows you to control how you want a conversion to be counted for your campaigns. The feature is supported in Bulk and the UI, as well as in the Native & Search API. Check out Bulk Campaigns Fields in the UI. For an overview of how it works in the UI, see Conversion Counting.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) Now Known as Native Feed Ads (NFA)

Native Feed Ads (previously known as Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA) enable you to target customers with ads for specific products that those customers have already viewed. Your ads then appear on customers’ desktop, tablet or smartphone devices. For details on topics which describe how to work with NFAs, see Native Feed Ads.

Support for Promote My Products Campaign Objective

Native Bid Adjustments now provide support for Promote my products campaign objectives, as well as Visit my website and Know my brand. For more information, check out Use Native Bid Adjustments to Control Campaign Performance.

New Cloning Enhancements for Campaign & Ad Group Entities Introduced

Native & Search now lets you replicate your ads, campaigns and ad groups across multiple locations in the Native & Search UI, with minimal effort and a few simple mouse or keyboard clicks.

Cloning lets you take advantage of your most successful ad assets, ad groups and campaigns by enabling you to create similar ones for use with different settings.

Check out Clone Enhancements For Campaign & Ad Group Entities, which walks you through the new enhancements in the Native & Search UI and how to take advantage of this new feature extension.

You can use cloning to leverage your most successful ad assets, ad groups and campaigns, so that you can create similar ones for use with different settings. See How To Clone Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads.

Best Practice For Cropping Images For Ads

As a best practice, when cropping ads on different properties, ensure that you leave a safe zone around the edges that the text does not enter. Doing this will ensure that no text will be cut off if there is cropping. See How To Crop Images For Ads.

Rebranding of Gemini UI & API

As you’ve doubtless noticed, Gemini has now been rebranded as Oath Ad Platforms Native & Search, both the UI and the API. The new product brand represents Oath’s full suite of technology solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers. The new brand replaces BrightRoll, Gemini, ONE by AOL, and Yahoo for Publishers.

Oath Ad Platforms is connected to the consolidation work completed by the Oath product and engineering teams in September. Now a global brand, Oath Ad Platforms will be a visible part of the Oath family of brands in all Oath markets.

With an ongoing rollout of new features and functionality, the suite activates Oath’s trusted data, high-quality inventory, innovative ad experiences and industry-leading programmatic algorithms in a more unified way.

Segment Interests Added to Bulk

Interest segments (Oath Audience Segments) targeting is now available for native campaigns and can be set at both the campaign and ad group levels. For details on Bulk Fields and Object Types, see Segment Interests in Bulk.

Update to Chrome Extension to Validate Dot Tags

The Chrome Dot Helper Extension for Native & Search has been updated. You can use the extension to inspect, validate and troubleshoot Dot tags that you’ve instrumented on your website.

For more information with steps on installation, check out Dot Helper Chrome Extension.

New Unified Oath Ad Glossary Introduced

Check out the new unified Oath Ad Glossary, which is built and implemented as an addition to the Apple Dictionary.app that resides in every user’s Applications folder on Mac OS X.

As a glossary, it includes a set of terms, illustrations, videos and embedded hyperlinks that are unique to the Native & Search API, UI and to the Oath Ad Platforms DSP.

Oath account managers, partners, developers, product managers and Oath self-serve members will find a set of terms that are useful for understanding and working with the Oath Ad Platform. Note that the Glossary is only available currently for Mac OS X. Future versions may include Windows, and mobile versions for iOS and Android.

The glossary is available for download and installation on Mac OS X. Check out Oath Ad Glossary.

New Gemini Account Insights Capability Introduced

Gemini now provides you with a new Account Insights tab in the Gemini UI. It’s a set of reporting metrics and charts to help you surface everyday native optimization tasks with a few easy clicks, and to discover performance insights at a glance. You’ll gain actionable insights that can lead to greater scale, return on investment (ROI) and improved campaign performance.

account insights overview whats new

For example, you can now troubleshoot performance across bids, budgets and ads. Or, view quick snapshots of your campaign top movers, device performance, account dayparting and account location performance insights. And find rejected ads with a single click, ensuring that you stay on top of creatives that need alterations in order to serve successfully.

Check out How to Use Account Insights to Optimize Campaign Performance for details about how it works, along with screenshots and detailed examples.

New Tiles Ads Introduced

Gemini now introduces a new ad format: Tiles Ads in the Gemini UI. Optimized for mobile, Tiles Ads enable you to upload videos, images, and text in the Gemini UI, so you can create a rich, immersive canvas that loads instantly. Tiles ads assets may also be created in Bulk in the Gemini UI.

Check out Tiles Ads for details and steps on how you can create Tiles ads using the new Tile builder.

Upload/Download Bulk Assets Enhancement

Gemini now provides you with enhanced Bulk capabilities in the UI with a Bulk Upload-Download feature. This is a major upgrade to previous Bulk capabilities. It allows users to choose entities to download, as well as provide a custom file name.

Check out Bulk Operations documentation for details on the new Account, Campaigns and Ad Groups workflows.

New Dimensions Breakout in Tables

You can now use dimensions to look at the most important metrics for your campaigns and adgroups. With dimensions breakouts in tables in the Gemini UI, you can split your data into rows and compare metrics in-line.

Check out How to optimize your campaigns. See also View dimensions breakouts for adgroups.

You can also now view the total metrics for your campaigns and adgroups. See View Total Metrics for details.