September 2016

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Expanded Text Ad Titles Introduced

Yahoo Gemini now provides support for Expanded Text Ads for Gemini Search campaigns. If you’re a search advertiser, you’ll have additional space now in the Gemini UI to craft longer and more compelling ad titles for improved user engagement and better performance.

title 2 expanded text ads

The table below describes the new features available to Gemini advertisers.


Standard Text Ads

New Expanded Text Ads


1 line, comprised of 50 characters.

2 lines, comprised of 30 characters.


1 line, comprised of 50 characters.

150 characters.

Display URL

Displays the URL that you’ve manually entered.

For Gemini Account Sync, the display URL will be automatically generated from the final URL and customized URL paths from your AdWords campaigns. For others, manually entered display URLs are still supported.

Landing URL

Displays the URL that you’ve manually entered.

For Gemini Account Sync, the landing URL will be automatically generated from one of your desktop final URLs and tracking templates from your AdWords campaigns. For others, manually entered landing URLs are still supported.


Support is also provided for bulk uploads when you create and manage ads. A new Title 2 field has been introduced. For more more information, refer to Bulk Ads.

Take advantage of this new feature when you create campaigns and ad groups, as shown in the following topics:

Learn More

The FAQs Related to Expanded Text Ads discuss some of the most frequently asked questions when working with expanded text ads.

Yahoo Expedia Search Result Page

enhanced sitelinks

For more information, check out Create Sitelinks: Extensions & Enhanced.

Update To Search Bid Adjustments in Gemini UI

In its current release, Gemini now provides you with updated bid adjustments, so you can apply bid modifiers for search by device at either the campaign or ad group level. This update means that your desktop, tablet and smartphone device-targeting will have the same range, i.e., from -90% to +900%.

If you don’t plan to run on a particular device, you can simply adjust your bid by -100% to opt-out.

As a part of this update, Gemini search will also support mobile-only campaigns in the UI.

How It Works

  1. You navigate to your ad group, select Edit search bid from the Actions dropdown menu.

edit search dropdown menu

  1. Click Edit search bid for your selected ad group. You have 3 menu choices: Set bid as, Increase bid by, Decrease bid by.

edit search bid

  1. Select Increase bid by from the dropdown and percentage and specify the amount.

edit search bit increase percent

Reporting Updates

  • New Gemini UI Stickyness: Our coined term UI Stickyness is now available. This new feature remembers user preferences across the Gemini UI and reporting, once a user establishes those. Once a user logs into their account, the preferences established from the last interaction are remembered.

  • CPI renamed to CPA: The reporting attribute in the Gemini UI has been renamed from CPI to CPA. This was a source of confusion for many advertisers. The attribute is now called CPA.