September 2019

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Verizon Media Ad Platform.

Updated Verizon Media Native UI

  • We’ve updated the design of our Native platform to reflect the updated Verizon Media branding. Note that this update does not change the current Native UI functionality. The UI may look a little different, but trust that you still have access to all the great data, inventory and performance that you are used to.

Meanwhile, we’re working to update the existing screenshots of the UI to match this new Verizon Media design. Stay tuned.

As a reminder, the Verizon Media developer team now provides you with a new web portal for Technical documentation across multiple data and ad platforms. If you wish to explore data and ad solutions for additional platforms, tools and features such as DSP, Audience Insights, Verizon Ads SDK, Yahoo App Marketing, and Mail, be sure to check out our helpful tools, guides and API reference content.

New: Strict Validation for Redirect URLs


We now have strict validation for our redirect URLs. This means that if a registered redirect URL is, for example,, but the actual redirect URL is, the redirect will fail. For more details, see Latest Updates.

Updated Bulk Operations

  • We’ve updated the API documentation for Bulk operations, with the latest information on how to upload and download bulk files in your advertiser accounts. A sample tab-separated CSV file spreadsheet is provided, along with information on Bulk schemas and objects. Check out the documentation for Bulk Operations.

New Native Insights Article

  • Check out our latest article, Make every mobile moment shoppable this holiday season. In this article, you’ll learn about solutions to engage shoppers with mobile ad units and features that provide options for advertisers looking to drive audiences from simply browsing to an intentional, buying mindset.

New Video in Ad Workshop: Transforming the Customer & Journey

  • Check out our latest video in the Ad Workshop section of the Advertiser Guide: Transforming the Journey. In this segment, we discuss the nature of the customer experience, particularly on mobile, and what, as advertisers, either managed or self-serve, we need to know and understand about that experience. The video looks at how we can achieve better ad experiences on mobile and focuses on the advantage of using Native to accomplish that for customers coming to the Verizon Media Ad Platform. Customers want ads that blend into a page on mobile, desktop and tablet. Ads that are, in effect, a form of content. Native Ad Platform is built to deliver experiences that match what people want at specific moments of intent.

New On-Demand Webinar: Get Results This Holiday with Native Campaigns

  • Check out our latest on-demand webinar, Get Results This Holiday With Native Campaigns. In this 21-minute webinar, you’ll earn how eCommerce is quickly evolving and about unique native ad solutions available for your holiday campaigns. You’ll discover helpful trends and insightful changes with today’s online holiday shoppers. Unwrap interactive native ad formats that drive greater engagement and performance. See real-life examples of which ad formats to use for your specific holiday goals.

New: Video in Ad Workshop: Zen and the Art of Digital Storytelling

  • Check out our latest video in the Ad Workshop section of the Advertiser Guide: Zen & the Art of Digital Storytelling. In this video, we step back a bit to explore some of the techniques you can employ to write ad copy that works best to reach and connect with your target customers. Frank Palmieri, a Senior Manager on the Account Strategy team at Verizon Media, walks you through the steps you need to follow – and delivers the answers. The essence of writing great ad copy – copy that converts – is telling a compelling story that excites your customers and provides them with a call to action.

New: Verizon Media Technical Documentation Website

  • The Yahoo developer team now provides you with a new web portal for Technical documentation across multiple data and ad platforms. If you wish to explore data and ad solutions for DSP, Audience Insights, Verizon Ads SDK, Yahoo App Marketing, Mail and other opportunities, be sure to check out the tools, guides and API reference content available on these sites.

New: Product Bulletin Podcast

If you’re a Native Ad Platform partner or developer, listen to the July 2019 podcast hosted by a Verizon Media Solutions Engineer for the latest information on API features, changes and product enhancements released this month by the product development team.

Reminder: Multi-touch Attribution

  • Verizon Media now provides you with a new dashboard in the Native Ad Platform UI that lets you determine the value of each customer touchpoint that leads to a conversion. With Multi-touch Attribution (MTA), you can generate and view a complete report at the campaign level that details how a customer got to a particular conversion – for example, by means of an impression or click.

  • That enables you to analyze the weight of each touchpoint and allocate the right amount of spend for your future campaigns and marketing channels, so you can achieve the all-important goal of acquiring new customers. The model for MTA works by distributing credit using an algorithmic approach that takes into account the impact of each impression from each channel.

  • For more details on how it works, as well as a deeper dive on spend conditions and optimization strategies, see Use Multi-Touch Attribution To Optimize Conversions.

Reminder: Ad Workshop in Advertiser Guide

  • Verizon Media introduces you to a new series for our community of partners, developers and advertisers: Ad Workshop. The goal is to provide this community with the latest tools, techniques, and on-demand webinars, as presented by Verizon Media product managers, account strategists and managers. You’ll have a chance to learn from experts in the field, participate in online webinars to expand your knowledge and understanding of Native Ad Platform features, enhancements and product releases. See the Ad Workshop section of the Ad Guide for an overview with topics to explore in this new workshop.

Reminder: Getting Started Videos

  • We’ve added several new Getting Started videos to the Advertiser Guide. If you’re a new advertiser coming to the Verizon Media Ad Platform, or need a refresher, you’ll want to view this video series. Brian Hedrick, a Verizon Media Product Manager, walks you through the process in the Ad Platform user interface, to help you get rapidly up to speed with the process of building an ad campaign from scratch. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow.

  • Additional new videos in this series cover workflows for building an ad group, generating reports, and creating Sponsored Mail Ads.

  • In the coming months, we plan to add several more Getting Started videos, to help with Choosing Ad Formats, Ad Editing, Working with Bulk and other topics.

On-Demand Mail Ads Webinar

  • Our new, on-demand webinar is now available: Empower your Email Marketing with Native Mail Ads. This 22-minute webinar covers how to use Verizon Media Native Mail Ads for email marketing. Find out how our unique native Mail Ads offer even more customization, more data for targeting and more innovation than regular email marketing programs in this streamlined webinar. Presenters: Avinash Chukka, Project Management, Dir., Verizon Media and Jaycie Bilek, Sr. Account Strategist, Native, Verizon Media.

Webinar on Best Practices For Different Native Ad Formats

Webinar Topics include:

  • how to create effective goals for campaign objectives from awareness to traffic to conversions

  • actionable best practices to drive performance out of over 10 different native ad formats

  • how to leverage your own use cases to choose which formats will best deliver

New: Documentation Hover Over Popup Term Definitions

  • To view quick definitions of key Verizon Media advertising terms, you can now hover over the term and see a popup box that defines the term. Check out the Get Started page and the term campaign to see this in action.

[UI] Native Keyword Retargeting

  • Verizon Media now provides you with a new feature capability for Native Keyword Retargeting (KRT) as an option, when you define your audience in the Native & Search UI. With this powerful feature capability, you now have the tools and capability to customize search intent targeting at the keyword level with match types and variants.

You can tap into Verizon Media’s access to consumer search queries as intent signals for ad retargeting. That means, you can find and retarget consumers many times after they perform a search across Verizon Media properties and partner sites.

Check out the Ad Guide documentation for details on how it works, along with workflow steps, FAQs and more resources.

[UI] Support for Subdomain Blocking

  • Native & Search now provides “fan out” support for up to 3 domain levels. This means that if you block a domain, we will block the subdomains beneath your input, up to 3 levels. Exact matches to the input domain will always be honored, but fan out is still only supported up to 3 levels. Note that we do not support path blocking. For more details and explicit examples, see Use Site Blocking.

[UI] Ad Preview on Verizon Media Properties

  • We’ve added support to preview your ad on Verizon Media Properties. Previewing your ad before it serves is a useful and important best practice for advertisers, ensuring that the look and feel of your ad is what you want on Verizon Media properties, either on desktop or mobile. By previewing your ad before it serves, you can review the ad for quality and landing page behavior as it appears on Verizon Media properties. For more details about how it works in the Native & Search UI, as well as on Mobile Web with the Oath Ad Platforms mobile app on Apple’s iPhone, see Preview Your Ad in the Advertiser Guide.

[Reminder]: Introducing Site Blocking For Brand Safety & Improved Performance

  • We’ve introduced the capability to block sites in supply targeting, available in the Native & Search API, Bulk and UI. Note that Site Block Targeting is available for Native campaigns, and can only be set at the campaign level. Also, bid modifiers are not allowed for Site Block Targeting. Blocking sites is useful for ensuring the safety of your brand as well as improving the performance of your Native campaigns. For more details on how it works, see Bulk Fields. For an overview of how it works, check out How to Use Site Blocking.

[Reminder]: UI Support Added for Oath Interest Segments

[Reminder]: Video Overview: New Supply Group Bid Insights Tool

  • We’ve added a new video walkthrough in the Advertiser Guide to introduce Supply Group Bid Insights, a new tool in our Native & Search UI Insights feature suite. This short video includes a UI walkthrough of the tool and explains Bid Strength optimization in depth. Also see the Advertiser Guide for more information about key features, how it works, and FAQs.

[Reminder]: Make Bulk Edit Changes Directly in the UI

  • You can now make bulk edits directly in the Native and Search UI across multiple campaigns. This is particularly useful for advertisers who are not using bulksheet uploads and downloads as their primary method to modify campaign settings. See the overview in bulk operations for more details about how it works.

[Reminder]: New Guide on How to Create & Manage Product Feed Operations

  • If you’re working with Native Feed Ads for your product catalog, you’ll want to reference the new Product Feed Formats & Requirements guide, which is now available: Create & Manage Product Feed Operations.

Using Native & Search, you can create, update and delete product feeds.

A sample product feed spreadsheet in .csv format is also provided for download and reference.

[Reminder]: New Account Insights to Optimize Campaign Performance Introduced

  • Using the new Account Overview tab in the Native & Search UI dashboard, you can

  • Troubleshoot performance across bids, budgets and ads.

  • View quick snapshots of your campaign top movers, device performance, account dayparting and account location performance insights.

  • Find rejected ads with a single click, ensuring that you stay on top of creatives that need alterations in order to serve successfully.

The new Account Overview tab enables you to surface everyday native optimization tasks in a few clicks, and to discover performance insights at a glance.

Check out How to Use Account Insights for more information on this new feature.

[Reminder]: New Conversion Counting To Control & Optimize Your Campaigns

  • Native & Search now provides you with a new campaign-level setting that allows you to control how you want a conversion to be counted for your campaigns. The feature is supported in Bulk and the UI, as well as in the Native & Search API. Check out Bulk Campaigns Fields in the UI. For an overview of how it works in the UI, see Conversion Counting.