Day Parting for Yahoo Native DPA Campaigns

Dynamic Product Ads now introduces a new Day Parting feature for Yahoo Native Ad users.

Using Day Parting, you can create an Ad Schedule for your Yahoo Native campaigns that displays an ad on various days of the week and various times of particular days. That means, you can now optimize your DPA traffic to days of the week or times of the day. You can also apply a bid modifier to get the best performance from your DPA ads.

Day Parting for DPA works in the same way as Day Parting for non-DPA or regular Yahoo Native campaigns. The only difference is that for DPA, you’ll need to implement this feature via Bulk or the API. A UI version is not currently available.


This new feature is only available for DPA Retargeting ad campaigns.


To implement Day Parting, we suggest that to use either the Ad schedule from an existing campaign and apply that schedule to your DPA campaign(s) or the Ad schedule from a dummy campaign to set the schedule and then copy that via a bulksheet to your DPA campaign(s).

Once you’ve completed Day Parting in a bulksheet for your DPA campaigns, the bulksheet should contain these components (one per DPA campaign):

  • Orange - Update these with the new DPA campaign information.

  • Yellow - This is the ad schedule to be added to the DPA campaign.

A sample bulk file looks like this:

day parting bulk

How It Works

In general, start by using a Visit my site campaign to capture the settings through the UI. Then download the setting as a bulk file and change it to specify it for the DPA campaign. Upload once again for the bulk file and do the setting on the DPA campaign.

The following is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to perform Day Parting through Bulk.

  1. Select a campaign as your source and identify your DPA campaign as a target. For example: Use Visit my site as your source campaign, and Promote my products as your target campaign.

  2. In the campaign editing UI, set the Day Parting that you’d like to apply.

  1. Save the campaign and select the campaign back in the UI.

select campaign
  1. Download the campaign bulk file.

bulk file
  1. Load the downloaded file into a googlesheet.

google sheet
  1. Identify the Ad Schedule row and delete the rest of the rows. Fix the Action field as ADD and Campaign ID set as the DPA campaign ID.


7.Download the sheet as a .csv file.

  1. Upload the file in the UI to apply the Day parting for the specific DPA Campaign.

  1. Once you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll be able to see the process completed by clicking the link below. (All processes completed => DPA=DaypartingSample.csv.)

  1. Below the report, you’ll see a successful Added action reported for Ad Schedule.

ad schedule
  1. Finished! You’ve now applied Day parting to a DPA campaign.