Use Tealium Tag Manager to Set up DPA Dot Tags

This guide describes how you can use Tealium Tag Manager (TTM) to set up and deploy your Yahoo Native Dot tag. Using TTM, you can create a custom script for your native feed ads across your webpages.

If you already have an account with Tealium and are familiar with the Tealium UI, you’ll want to take advantage of this tag manager to set up your Yahoo Dot tags for Dynamic Product Ads.

Setup Steps for Tealium Tag Manager

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Tealium with your credentials

sign in
  1. Go to the Tags Tab and click +Add Tag.

add tag step 2
  1. Enter Yahoo Dot in the search field. Click +Add.

add yahoo dot
  1. Enter a name in the Title box for the new Dot Tag, the Project ID and the Pixel ID.

configure tag
  1. Enter any optional Load Rules (note that the default setting is to load the Tag on All Pages) and click Next.

  1. Under Data Mappings, add ea and product_id mappings to the tag. Expand the Variables dropdown and click +Add Variable.

  1. Enter ea for the Source and select UDO Variable as the Type.

The UDO Variable type is for variables defined in your Universal Data Object, also referred to as utag_data, which you can find in the code for your webpage.

Click Apply.

udo variable
  1. Click +Select Destination.


9.Click +Add Custom Destination.

add custom add custom add custom
  1. Repeat steps 6-9 for product_id.

Click Apply at the bottom of the page once you’ve completed the data mappings.

data manager
  1. Click Save/Publish in the top right section of the page.

add tealium tag
  1. Enter Notes, select where you want to Publish the tag, and click Publish.

  1. The template needs to be modified to handle the variable product_id.

Click the logged in user on the top right section and click Manage Templates.

manage templates
  1. Select Yahoo Dot: Yahoo Dot: Tag (Profile) UID… from the dropdown.

dot code
  1. Look for this code snippet:

if ( { =;

And add the following code snippet below it:

 if ( {
       if (u.typeOf( === "array") {

The code snippet above allows the template to handle product_id in either String or Array formats. If there are multiple product ids, Oath accepts the comma-delimited product id string. (For example: ‘prod1,prod2,prod3’) The code snippet above will convert arrays into comma-separated strings.

  1. Click Save Profile Template on the right section.

save and publish
  1. Click Save/Publish.

save and publish
  1. Enter the required information and click Publish.

  1. To deploy the Tealium tag in your website, click the logged in user on the top right section and click Code Center.

code center menu item
  1. Navigate to Prod in the Environments menu for production code and copy the Tealium Script to your website.

prod menu item
  1. Define the ea value and the product_id in the Tealium Script on your website.

There are three possible values for ea:

  • ViewProduct

  • AddToCart

  • Purchase

The value product_id can be an array or a string.

 var utag_data = {
   ea : "ViewProduct", //
   product_id : "12345" // or [123, 456,789] for multiple Ids
  1. Confirm the Yahoo Dot tag for feed ads is fired correctly by using the Yahoo Dot Helper Extension in Chrome.

tag testing


The Dot Tag Helper Chrome Extension is available for download and installation at Yahoo Dot Helper.