Dynamic Product Ads - UI

This guide provides you with the basic steps on how to get started with Dynamic Product Ads in the Yahoo Native UI and what you need to know in order to take advantage of this new offering.


For managed accounts, be sure to contact your Yahoo Native account team for greater assistance in setting up and launching your catalogs and product feeds.

Product Feeds

A Product Feed is a data file that consists of an advertisers’ product information, leveraged by any commerce advertiser across verticals, like Retail, Travel and Auto. You can create, build and optimize product feeds in the Yahoo Native UI by accessing the Product catalog from the Shared Library dropdown menu.

product catalog dropdown

Using a product feed means that you can retarget your customers by taking advantage of Yahoo Native tools for dynamic creative optimization and simplified campaign setup and maintenance, so you can scale on the Yahoo marketplace.

Retargeting ads automatically promote your products at scale to users who have visited your site with targeted creatives based on users’ interests. Studies indicate that users who are exposed to Retargeting ads and Native ads are up to 9x more likely to convert compared to Native-only.

Multiple Ad Formats

One dynamic product feed enables you to work with multiple native ad formats, i.e., single image ads, carousel feed ads, mail shopping ads and native mail ads.

product catalog feed formats

Ad Format




Carousal feed ads

Multiple image formats enable you to tell users a visual story, with each image linking to a unique landing page. Carousel ads are the preferred format to serve for Yahoo Native feed fds, since they drive a higher CTR.

Products are displayed based on recently viewed images, and/or related products within the same category. Product and category bid levels are also taken into account.

Desktop & mobile

Standard Yahoo Native ads

Single image format served when inventory is not enabled for Carousel ads.

The most recently viewed product will appear within the single image. Product/category bid levels are also taken into account.

Desktop & mobile

Next Steps

To get started and set up Dynamic Product Ads for your product catalog, navigate to 1. Get started - dynamic ads.