3. Associate Dot to a Product Catalog

This section describes the steps you’ll need to follow to associate a Yahoo dot tag to your product catalog.


Follow these steps:

  1. Select Product Catalog from the Shared library tab in the Yahoo Native UI.

select product catalog
  1. Click the Edit icon in order to configure Product Catalog settings.

edit setttings
  1. Click View details to edit your Yahoo dot tag.

edit dot tag
  1. Click Save in the Product catalog settings panel to edit the DPA Label settings.

Advanced Settings

If you’re sending product Ids using a different label name, you need to specify the name of the label that represents the product Id.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Show advanced settings in the Product catalog settings panel to edit DPA Label settings.

  2. Enter the appropriate label for the variable that represents the product id across the customer’s product pages and enables the passing of the product ID to Native.


This label should match how you reference the product_id in your DPA Custom Event script.

  1. Enter ea into the Label for the engagement type field.

advanced settings product catalog.png

Next Steps

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