7. Create a Dynamic Product Ad

The steps to create a dynamic product ad are straightforward and easy to implement. You’ll use the new campaign objective, which is Promote my products, with a CPC price type.

You’ll be able to manage your campaigns and adgroups by product set, and promote only 1 product set per adgroup.


Day Parting and Hero Card creation are optional features available during DPA ad setup. For more information about these features, refer to Day Parting for Yahoo Native DPA campaigns and Hero Cards for Ad Personalization with Carousel Ads.

How To Create a Dynamic Product Ad

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Objective panel for your new campaign, select and click Promote my products.

promote product objective
  1. In the Define your audience panel, click Browse for a list of pre-defined Yahoo Native audiences and view the size of that audience.

predefined audiences
  1. You can also specify which Custom audiences you wish to include or exclude by selecting Browse.

custom audiences to browse
  1. In the Ad group settings panel, enter your Ad group name, schedule, bid strategy and default bid, and in the Product to promote portion of the panel, enter All Products.

ad group settings
  1. Now in the Define your audience panel for your campaign, click Viewed, added to cart, or purchased.

define audience dynamic product ads


You can now select Custom audiences to reach audiences and set site bid adjustments to optimize your site-level campaign performance.

site bid adjustments
  1. Click Create new audience and select the custom audience from the list of audiences shown.

custom audiences
  1. In the Ad template settings panel, enter your Ad title and Ad description.

ad template settings
  1. Set up Hero Card - (Optional). For information on how to set up the Hero, refer to Hero Cards for Ad Personalization with Carousel Ads.

Next Steps

Navigate next to 8. Macros for ad templates, which describes in detail how to create ad templates and macros.