Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Yahoo Native Dynamic Product Ads.

What image sizes does Dynamic Product Ads support?

The recommended image sizes are 627x627 and 1200x627. However, since many advertisers will want to use the feeds they provide to Facebook, we will accept images as small as 300x300, but these images may have rstricted inventory due to image-quality issues.

Square or horizontal images are preferred over vertical images.

It is also recommended to avoid images with borders or extra padding as this will result in an effectively smaller product image.

What about vertical images?

Vertical images can be accepted but may serve on restricted inventory due to ad quality.

How do we upload the product feed into Native?

Product Catalog Feed URLs only support FTP protocol in the URL (SFTP is not supported). If a client provides SFTP, we will need to ask for FTP-only or create a Yahoo Dropbox.

What is the minimum/maximum feed size?

Currently, there is a maximum feed size of 1.5 million products. If your product feed exceeds that amount, we can help break the feed into multiple parts and load under one account. There is no minimum feed size.

What if you’re already using Facebook Dynamic Ads?

That’s ideal. Since the setup for DPA is consistent with the setup for Facebook Dynamic Ads, advertisers can essentially gain incremental value from their existing feeds.

What if you’re already using Product Listing Ads on Google Ads?

While it’s great that you’re receptive to more personalized targeting, our setup is not compatible with the setup for PLA and we cannot ingest Google feeds.

What regions are supported?

All regions where Native ads serve.

Important Change to Dropbox.yahoo.com - Required Use of FTPS

All dropbox.yahoo.com and asia-dropbox.yahoo.com connections will require the use of FTPS (FTP over TLS). Support for FTP will be discontinued. All client file transfers will require an explicit FTPS connection (rather than an implicit FTPS connection).

FTPS will be required beginning 1/17/2018. Advertisers are advised to switch to FTPS beforehand to test their systems and processes.

After 1/17/2018, all users connecting to ftp://dropbox.yahooinc.com or ftp://asia-dropbox.yahooinc.com will be unable to connect and unable to update their feeds (including feeds for Dynamic Product Ads).

For more detailed information and FAQs, you can download a pdf file here.


Reach out to your account team if you require additional assistance.