10. Geomatch Targeting

Geomatch targeting is a new feature addition for DPA advertisers available in the Yahoo Native UI. Taking advantage of this feature, advertisers can target users with highly personalized location-based offers —— and do this dynamically, from your product feeds, based on users’ real-time geolocation.

Once you upload your product feed through the Yahoo Native UI and specify a New Feed, you can enable this feature by selecting Geomatch targeting at the campaign level when you define your audience.

Video Guide

In this video guide, Justin Lappe, DPA Project Manager for Yahoo DPA, walks you through the steps to set up geomatch targeting and get started with your campaigns. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow.

Value Proposition

Some of the key benefits of geomatch targeting are described as follows:

  • Simplified and scalable setup. Unlike Yahoo Native static ads, advertisers don’t have to set up one campaign or adgroup per geo location. Instead, you can upload a feed with all geo targets and enable geomatch targeting, and let Yahoo Native handle the rest. Users get to see location-based personalized offers directly from the feed, matching to their real-time geolocation.

  • Dynamic. You don’t need to manually update hundreds or thousands of creatives simply to change a title, description or image in your campaigns. Your ads will be dynamically served with the latest product ad details from your feed.

  • Flexible. If you like, you still have the option to set up campaigns by location using your product sets.

Details & Key Features

Some of the key features for geomatch targeting are described as follows:

  • Geomatch works for any demand vertical. Be sure that you reach out to your account manager to review possible use cases and feed requirements.

  • Currently geomatch targeting is available only for the DPA PROSPECTING audience strategy.

  • You must upload your product catalog with a new geo target column address in the feed.

  • The address that you provide must be the valid canonical form of the address. You can download the latest Google dictionary to find the canonical value of the targeted address in the feed.

  • Geomatch for DPA uses the address column details from an advertiser’s feed to geo-target DPA ads to the users matching to the same location. Campaigns won’t deliver if Geomatch targeting is enabled but your feed does not contain the geotarget column address.

  • Geomatch supports targeting down to a zip code level.

  • Geomatch targeting is available at both the campaign or ad group level through the UI and BULK. If enabled at the campaign level, all ad groups under the campaigns will by default inherit Geomatch targeting.

  • The product selection from an advertiser’s catalog is based on matching users’ current geolocation - (zip/city/county/state/country) - with the exact location - (zip/city/county/state/country) - specified or derived from the address column in the catalog.

  • Geomatch by default is an exact or strict location match and there is no fallback to a higher geotarget level.

For example: if the address in the feed is Burbank, California, United States. This is a strict city-level location targeting. All users located in City - California will be targeted in this case.

If the address in the feed is California, United States. This is a state-level targeting and all users located in State - California will be targeted in this case.

If the address in the feed is United States. This is a country-level targeting and all users located in Country - United Stated will be targeted in this case.

  • A Fallback option is also available. Advertisers can define separate rows in the feed to trigger a fallback from a lower geotarget level zipcode all the way up to the country level (show below in the feed example).

Feed Examples

The following are feed examples, including a fallback option as the second example.

feed example dpa

In the above example, the ads would only serve to those cities. If you want an ad to show for a city but also show for the state level, your feed has to include all targeting levels.

feed example dpa detail

To Set Up a Campaign

Follow these steps to set up a campaign for geomatch targeting in the Native UI:

  1. Be sure that you’re familiar with the instructions and feed requirements for the DPA Geomatch feature and discuss that with your account manager, as necessary.

  2. Create a new Promote my Product shopping campaign.

  3. Upload your Product Feed through the Native UI under Shared Library -> Product Catalog -> Product Feed-> New Feed.

  4. Enable Geomatch targeting at the campaign level.

geomatch native ui
  1. Create a new Ad group with the Audience Strategy as Target new users who have not visited your site before or DPA_AUDIENCE_STRATEGY as PROSPECTING through BULK.

  2. Link either the default product set All Products to the Ad group, or create a specific product set using filters after creating the feed and use that.

  3. Set up the desired Ad Template under Adgroup.

  4. Turn on the campaign. Your campaign should be serving within 1-3 hours.

Best Practices

  • Make sure that you validate that your feed has an address column to trigger the geomatch. Note that currently there is no validation in the Native UI to ensure that your feed is uploaded in the account and has an ‘address’ column in it.

  • Ensure that the address provided in the address column is a canonicalized address, and not woeids.

  • Avoid duplicate rows in the feed with the same address to ensure that the desired offer from the feed is shown to the targeted users.

  • Geomatch targeting cannot be used in combination or along with other location targeting options. Only one of the location targets can be used at a time. Also, note that Geomatch targeting is supported only for Shopping campaigns (Promote my product).


Q. Is geomatch targeting available for only Travel vertical advertisers?

A. No. All verticals can use the geomatch feature. It just requires the feed to contain the “address” column.

Q. Can I bid by geo targets? In other words, can I bid differently by city or zip or state?

A. No. The same bid set at the ad group level will apply to the locations.

Q. Can I exclude certain geo targets from “geomatch targeting”?

A. Yes. You can create a product set and choose appropriate filters to exclude geo targets that you don’t want to target. For example, if your feed contains 3 geo targets at the city level such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver and if you want to exclude Denver, you can then create a product set with the filter address not contains Denver.