Create a Shopping Campaign in BULK

Creating a Shopping campaign in Bulk is straightforward and not difficult to implement.

Once you’ve created your campaign and product set, you can upload the product feed into Yahoo Native and launch your campaign with Dynamic Product Ads.

You can download a sample DPA Shopping Campaign Bulk Sheet here.


To create a Shopping campaign in Yahoo Native via a bulk sheet upload, follow these steps:

  1. Set Shopping as your Campaign Objective in your Bulk Sheet.

shopping objective
  1. Create a Product Set in Native via bulk sheet upload. Product sets are account level shared-library object types.

If you don’t provide any specific values for the Product Filter, you’ll need to create an All Products Product set by entering {"availability":{"eq":"in stock"}} into the Product filter field.

product filter
  1. Associate the Product Set with the Ad Group via bulk sheet upload.

  2. Once you’ve created the Shopping Campaign and Product set, export the bulk sheet from the advertiser view and enter the newly created Object ID for the Product Set into the Product Set ID field within the Ad Group.

  3. Now enter the Product Set Name into the Ad Group object type and update via bulk sheet upload.

product set name