Latest Updates

To stay current with the latest changes, updates and new feature releases for Yahoo Native Dynamic Product Ads, check here. This section is intended to provide Yahoo Native UI and API partners, account managers and developers with timely and relevant information.

The section is updated on an as-needed basis.

[New] Upload Product Feeds From Your Comouter

Yahoo Native Dynamic Product Ads now provides you the ability to directly upload a one-time product feed from your computer rather than a web server (FTP or HTTP server) dropbox. This is ideal for advertisers who simply need to perform a lightweight, quick, one-time feed upload.

For more information and steps on how to upload a feed from your computer, see Upload Your Product Feed.

[New] DPA Template Field Introduced

The DPA API now provides you with a new template field: imagePortraitUrlBG This is a URL to a vertical (portrait) 9:16 aspect ratio 720 pixel to 1080 pixel high-resolution image that can be used as a background image for carousel ads, allowing images to render in Mobile Moments and portrait Native positions. It’s recommended that you use this, so that your carousel ads will get more supply reach. Navigate to DPA Templates for more information. Refer to Moments Ads for detailed information about moments ad formats and types.

[New] Product Set Counts for Promote my Products Native Ad Campaigns

DPA now introduces a new Product Set Counts feature for Native ad users.

Using this feature, advertisers will be able to validate Product Sets during creation and display Product Set counts for already-created Sets.

Navigate to Product Set Counts for more detailed information.

[New] Addition of Shopify App for Yahoo Product Ads

Yahoo Product Ads, as the official Shopify app from Yahoo Ad Tech, provides advertisers with a Shopify extension as part of the Dynamic Product Ads integration.

The app is available for download on the Shopify app store. The app, which is free, offers a very simple setup and workflow that lets you create a DPA and prospecting campaign in less than 5 minutes.

Navigate to Shopify App - Yahoo Product Ads for more detailed information.

[New] Launch of Dedicated DPA Web Portal

The Yahoo Ad Tech platform now provides you with a website dedicated to DPA, with a robust toolkit of videos, how-to’s, case studies, onboarding, API reference, code samples, FAQs, best practices, and more. You’ll find all the documentation you need to get started and take advantage of this new Yahoo Native Ad Platform offering, as well as work with your Account team to launch your product catalogs and feeds.

Navigate to Dynamic Product Ads Guide to take advantage of this new toolkit.


If you’ve bookmarked the content on the existing DPA section of the Advertiser Guide, you’ll links will still work. However, it’s recomended that you navigate to the new DPA web portal, which is intended to be the source of truth for all technical documentation on DPA.

[New] DPA Targeting Attributes

  • When setting up Dynamic Product Ads in the Yahoo Native UI, you can target Custom Audiences as well as set site bid adjustments to optimize your site-level campaign performance. For setup steps, see How to Create a Dynamic Product Ad.