Product Set Counts for Promote my Products Native Ad Campaigns

Dynamic Product Ads now introduces a new Product Set Counts feature for Yahoo Native Ad users.

Using this feature, advertisers will be able to validate Product Sets during creation and display Product Set counts for already-created Sets.

In the DPA user interface, you’ll see an example of how product sets for a Hotel set type are counted when products in an advertiser’s catalog are selected to match the rule by All and Country, in this case, the United States.

view prod set counts

Note that no setup is required in the Native DPA UI to view Product Set counts.

Key Benefits

Advertisers and Yahoo Native Account teams can now validate – in real-time and within the same user interface – if their DPA Product Sets (for example, Retail and Hotel) have matching products associated from their product catalogs.

You’ll save time and streamline onboarding because you’ll know the exact product set count in real-time during the process of product set creation.

Activating DPA campaigns is now 3-4x faster than previous releases. You won’t have to wait hours or even longer to verify your product counts, thus delaying the launch of your product sets and potentially losing revenue when changes are made.

Video Walkthru

In this video guide, Justin Lappe, DPA Project Manager for Yahoo Native, walks you through the UI experience to get started and take advantage of this new feature offering. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow.

Duration: 1:53 seconds

Implementation Notes

  • Counts in the UI represent the number of products that have been uploaded from the feeds and are available to serve.

  • Out of stock or products that have been deleted, meaning their status is OFF, will not be reflected in the product counts because those are not eligible to serve.


  • Advertisers with large feeds and large numbers of products (greater than 1 million products, for example) may experience some delay while counts are populating in the UI.

  • The delay in the count is greater than 2 seconds for big volume advertisers, ranging from 100 million and up.

  • A 1 million volume count is retrievable in milliseconds.

  • The count numbers from the UI are NOT downloadable via a bulksheet. A suggestion: select the items from the site and paste them into a spreadsheet.

Learn More

For more information about managing and creating product sets, see Manage Product Feeds and Create Product Sets.