Shopify App - Product Ads

Yahoo Product Ads is the official Shopify app from Yahoo. It provides advertisers with a Shopify extension as part of the Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) integration.

Download the App

The app is available for download on the Shopify app store. The app, which is free, offers a very simple setup and workflow that lets you create a DPA ad campaign in less than 5 minutes.

shopify app

Once you download the app, you can link your Shopify account and get started with your DPA campaigns right away. You only pay for ads if they attract new shoppers or bring shoppers back to your store. That means, you can make your dollars count, with many stores enjoying 15x return on their ad spends.

Value Proposition

  • Close the sale: Find new customers with our carousel ads or retarget users who abandoned their carts and get them back on the path to purchase.

  • Immersive Yahoo Native ads: Automatically create high-performing dynamic native ads using your product feed

  • Reach your key customers: Easily target shoppers with dynamic native ads across Yahoo sites, like Yahoo Finance, TechCrunch, AOL and MSN. These sites are visited by over 900M users globally every month.

Easy Setup

Setup is easy and straighforward for Shopify merchants and store owners:

  1. Connect your Yahoo Ad Tech account, either as a new user or connect to your Ad account.

shopify app get started

  1. Set up a campaign from the Campaign tab.

  2. Enter your Budget Per Day, the Location Targeting for your New Customers, the Cost-per-Click, the dates for your schedule and the Products you wish to promote (all or specific ones).

  3. Complete the information on the payment form.

  4. And you’re done!

We automatically upload your selected products, allowing you to create a shopping campaign in minutes.

selected product feed

To track your campaign performance, you can use the Dashboard shown here:

shopify dashboard


Experienced retailers can also visit Yahoo Native to create more advanced ad campaigns. Also, to learn how the Yahoo Native ad platform can help your business, check out Yahoo Insights.

How It Works

Yahoo Ad Tech ads work in one of two ways:

  1. Once you upload your product feed, we’ll help you acquire new users by suggesting products we think they’d like, or

  2. We’ll remind existing users of products that they’ve already expressed interest in. This is especially important given that 3 in 4 shoppers abandon carts.


There’s no need to worry about your ads appearing next to questionable user-generated content like they might in social ad campaigns. We promote your product to our nearly 1 billion users who are users on the Yahoo network.

Typical Products Sold on E-commerce Sites

Shopify merchants sell all kinds of products on their e-commerce sites, like these:


How does pricing work?

With Cost-per-Click (CPC) pricing, you only pay for ads that bring shoppers to your store, so you can maximize return on ad spend with our free-to-use app.

How does integration work?

Shopify store owners download the Yahoo Ad Tech app and link their Shopify account to start within minutes.

What are the creative guidelines for my ads?

Merchants must adhere to Yahoo’s ad policies and guidelines, which details our ad specifications and policies.

Are the ads of turnkey quality?

We plug into your product feed. You tell us which products to promote, and we create dynamic ads that you can customize. No pixel or tag creation is necesary. That’s turnkey quality.

How can I track ad results?

You can track results with the Yahoo real-time dashboard that provides you with valuable performance data.

What kind of results can I expect?

We consistently produce results for Shopify stores, with several enjoying return-on-ad-spend from $5 to $15. That’s $15 of sales for every ad dollar spent.

How do I get product support?

We’re there to help. Your ideas, feedback and suggestions are important to us. Contact us at