Bulk Operations


Using the Bulk Operations API, you can download and edit all objects in your advertiser account in a spreadsheet in CSV format.


The Bulk Operations API enables you to generate and download a bulk file using the bulk download service. You can also create and edit objects in bulk using the bulk upload service.

When using the API, you are effectively creating asynchronous jobs executed by Yahoo Native. Upon submitting a job, you’ll receive an id that you can use to poll the status of your job. When your job is completed, you’ll receive a token that will enable you to securely download your results.

Yahoo Native API bulk files are tab-separated CSVs. The encoding is UTF16-LE with BOM. On uploads, both comma and tab delimiters are supported. Note that comma -separated files need to be encoded in UTF8, and tab-separated files need to be encoded in UTF16LE with BOM.

Bulk Schema

Yahoo Native bulk schema and how to work with it in building your ad campaigns is described in detail in Get Started with Native Bulk File Fields and Object Types.

Note that the last two columns in the bulk schema, “Created Date” and “Last Update Date”, are always populated when using the Yahoo Native APIs, regardless of the API request. The columns specify the creation timestamp for the entity/object type described on the CSV line, and the last updated timestamp, respectively (as long as there is no error on the line). They are both read-only. The format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss. For example: 2015-08-29 00:11:55.


To handle issues when new backward-compatible columns are added to the bulk schema, you should parse by column name and not by any specific column orders.

File Limits

The Bulk file limit is 1GB. For downloads, it is recommended that you set compressedFile to TRUE. If compressedFile is not set to TRUE and the result file exceeds 1GB, an error is thrown. The compressed results file will still be available for downloading using the token provided in the response.


The CSV that is generated will expire after 30 days.

Image Size Restrictions

For bulk files, note that if you upload image assets, they must have a 1:1 aspect ratio. A square image (imageLargeUrl) is mandatory. If an advertiser uploads an 800x1000 image, the asset will be cropped to 800x800 pixels with the file formats of GIF, JPG or PNG and a maximum file size of 2MB. Also ensure a 1:1 aspect ratio and exact size of 627x627 for a square asset for single image ads.


The following topics describe how to work with Bulk files.



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