Best Practices

For best results, your file should be compressed for upload. When a compressed file is uploaded, the job results will be compressed as well. Compressed files can be uploaded in either zip or gzip format.

Budgets & Bid Values

Budgets that are set to less than the minimum value (for example, $3 rather $5) will automatically default to the minimum bid value, i.e., $5. No error will be reported to the user. This is standard Yahoo Native API behavior.

Note that when working with the Yahoo Native UI, you’ll be able to identify such an error and take the necessary steps to fix it. When working with the BULK API, this may be more difficult to identify and thus fix, so the standard behavior is to default to the minimum bid value.

Cancel a Processing Job

To cancel a job that is processing via the API, you make a PUT call in Bulk by adding cancel in the body of your request, like this:


The response will be:

      "errors": null,
      "timestamp": "2018-06-15 18:47:59",

       "jobId": 47991235,
       "status": "killed"


Ensure that you specify the advertiserId, which is required.

Search Retargeting

To create Search Retargeting (SRT) campaigns via bulk, you need to set the following values specified in the table below:


Sub Channel

Campaign Objective




Use the bulksheet to import your previous adgroup, keyword and ad assets into the new campaign as new items. Ensure that you add and remove the adgroup ids and object ids, update the campaign id and create a new adgroup as needed.


If you are bulk-loading a previous keyword Search on Native (SoN) campaign, note that there is no SoN modifier in the Native Keyword Retargeting campaign. You should multiply the modifier to your keyword bids and load them into the account before going live.


When working with Keyword Retargeting (KRT), note the following:

  • A native keyword retargeting campaign cannot be converted into a standard native campaign.

  • A standard native campaign, however, can be converted into a native keyword retargeting campaign, but age, gender and audience targeting are not supported.

  • Cloning a search campaign and converting it to KRT is not supported at this time. Bulksheet support is provided, however.

  • Account sync for Google Ads is not supported currently, but will be in a future release.

  • Keyword retargeting is available only for Visit my website campaign objectives.