Yahoo Native Ads


Yahoo Native ads combine various brand assets to produce rich, compelling ad experiences and display them alongside content, providing interaction and engagement superior to traditional display advertising.

Explore Yahoo Native Ad Formats

To view the different available types of native ad formats and some of their key features, see this video (note that there is no voice-over audio narration but the examples are animated):

Key Benefits

  • The advertising experience follows the form and function of the user experience in which it’s placed.

  • Stronger than traditional display ads at building trust and driving engagement with potential new customers.

  • The average click-through rate is 4x higher for premium native ads vs. non-native display ads on mobile devices.

Where Yahoo Native Ads Appear

Yahoo Native ads appear in a wide range of environments, including:

  • In-Feed, Content: Editorial feeds and streams on sites like the Yahoo homepage, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports or in the suite of Yahoo mobile apps that include both paid and unpaid content in various forms. Again, the ads look similar to other content in the feed, but are marked as sponsored.

  • In-Feed, Social: Social sites include user-generated posts along with sponsored content from advertisers. The ads look similar to other social posts, except that they are marked as sponsored.

  • Custom: Usually features a variety of content customized for a specific brand experience. This content can include images, video, audio, editorial, or other interactive elements to help promote the brand or product sponsoring it.


The look-and-feel of native ads is key, since the more they feel like a natural part of the user experience, the stronger their engagement becomes.

Yahoo Native Ad Topics

The following topics provide you with information about various Yahoo Native ad types:



Yahoo Native Ad Technical Specifications & Matrix View of Ad Types

Describes the technical specifications and provides a matrix view of required fields for various ad types.

Search Ads

Explains search link ads that enable advertisers to reach searchers on Yahoo at the moment of intent.

Image Ads

Describes the images ads that fit the form and function of the content around them.

Mail Ads

Details mail ads which are a companion to native ads and are served exclusively in Yahoo Mail. In addition, mail trailer ads are described with steps for creating trailer video ads.

Carousel Ads

Discusses the carousel ad type, which provides advertisers with the ability to tell a visual story by grouping up to five cards (images and captions) in a single execution.

Tiles Ads

Details the tiles ad type, which is optimized for mobile, enabling advertisers to upload videos, images and text in the Native UI, and create a rich, immersive canvas of tiles that load instantly.

Yahoo Native Video Ads

Describes native video ads, which are clickable video ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo Ad Tech properties, apps and third-party publishers.

App Install Ads

Explains the native app install format and how to create app install ads, in addition to the app install video ad format, which is a combination of a card plus a 30-second video spot, effective for prompting re-engagement.

Moments Ads Formats and Specifications

Describes the technical specifications for Moments ad types.