Image Ads

Yahoo Native Image Ads are image-rich ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo Ad Tech properties, apps and third-party publishers.

Compared to traditional display, native ads lift brand-related searches up to 3.6X, and site view-through up to 3.9X.

Recent attribution studies show that native ads account for an average 30% of incremental online conversions, more than double the conversions driven by the next largest tactic.

Important: New Restrictions for Square and HQ Images in Single Image ads

When creating your ad, you will need to include an imageUrl and imageUrlHQ in the API and an Ad HQ Image URL in BULK. Note that the imageUrl must have a 1:1 aspect ratio. A square image (imageLargeUrl) is mandatory. If you upload an 800x800 image, for example, the asset will be resized down to 627x627 pixels. And if you upload an 800x850 image, the asset will be resized and cropped down to 627x627 pixels. If the image is off from the 1:1 aspect ratio by more than 10%, the asset will be rejected and ad creation will fail. For example, an 800x1000 image is more than 10% off from 1:1 square, so it will be rejected

This applies to API, UI and BULK uploads. Ensure that you follow these requirements when creating single image and carousel ads. Use a 1:1 aspect ratio and an exact size of 627x627 for a square asset for carousel ads.

Note that this is a requirement now for Image ad formats. Video, Mail sponsored, and carousel ads are unchanged as they’re already required to meet these restrictions.

The image requirements for various assets is shown in the table below:



Aspect ratio enforced?

Rectangle image - 1200x627px


Yes - 1.9.1

Square image - 627x627px


Yes - 1:1

Thumbnail - 180x180px


Yes - 1:1


The 10% cropping margin for error for a 627x627 image is the same for a 180x180 thumbnail.


Existing ads that are missing square assets will experience reduced supply as they are dropped from rendering on ad units that need the square asset.



The example shown in the video is of a Single Image Ad on mobile.


Follow these steps to create Image Ads:

  1. Create a Campaign with the objective set to VISIT_WEB.

  2. Create an ad group with a CPC bid for Native.

  3. Create a normal ad and add your imageURL and imageUrlHQ. Note that the image can only be a 2MB JPEG, PNG or GIF image.

  4. Set all levels to Active. If the ad passes approval, it will be eligible to serve within 24-48 hours.

Learn More

For more information on using Images Ads in the Native UI, refer to Create Yahoo Native Ads with Images.