Moments Ads

Moments is a new Yahoo Native ad canvas that scales across Yahoo Ad Tech’s category-leading mobile app and web properties. Leveraging the interscroller format, a Moments Ad is revealed as a user scrolls vertically until the experience fills the entire screen. Moments supports both static and video portrait assets, and is available for both managed and self-serve advertisers.

Video Examples

The video demonstrates various Moments types and formats. The video is in auto-play mode so that each format renders by itself.

Duration: 1:29 minutes

Types & Formats



Portrait Image

Full canvas native experience across leading Yahoo Ad Tech O&O apps such as Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather, HuffPo, and more.

Portrait Video

Launch a fullscreen video that caters to the way users consume content, as smartphones are held vertically 94% of the time.


Invite users into an immersive, interactive experience that showcases a more complete picture of your products.


Create an instant experience - from a shoppable catalog to a interactive showroom - enabling users to learn more by tapping on pins.

Portrait Carousel

Generate an instant carousel storefront to feature multiple products or to tell a story through multiple cards. Run carousels with a portrait background on Moments supply.

Dynamic Moments

Recapture the attention of users who have shown interest in your products or abandoned their cart with a fullscreen carousel experience. Run Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) with a portrait background on Moments supply.

Scrollable Video

Create responsive ads that engage customers by leveraging the most intuitive interaction (scrolling) to drive super-lightweight 3D and video effects.

Single Image Native Upgrade

Customize the portrait ad background color by changing the settings in single image ads format. Use Call to Action & background portrait colors.

Video Native Upgrade

Customize the portrait background color by changing the settings in regular video ads format. Use Call to Action & background portrait colors.


Shown below is the settings panel in the UI for a Single Image Native Upgrade moment and an example of how it is rendered:

single image custom upgrade

This example shows different Single Image Native Upgrade moments, with various components illustrated for CTA, Ad Title, Description, and Image size.

single image custom upgrade

Download Moments Guidelines in PDF

moments guidelines

For complete guidelines on Moments formats, specifications and deliverables, you can download this PDF file by clicking here.

Matrix View of Required fields When Serving Different Ad Types

A comprehensive matrix view of all required fields when serving different Native Ad Platform types, including Moments, is available for download in .csv format.

You can download this file by clicking here.

[New] Moments Technical Requirements

For Portrait Moments native ads, we recommend using 720p to 1080p high-resolution images. The dimensions for this vertical image are 1080px by 1920px (9:16 aspect ratio). The minimum dimension should be 720px by 1280px.

For Panorama Moments native ads, the image must be 2276px by 1280px or wider (maximum of 6826px by 1280px) high-resolution image. The image aspect ratio must be between 16:9 and 48:9.

API & Bulk Support

API support for Moments is provided with additional fields that are available in Ad Fields and Ad Asset Fields.

Bulk support for Moments is also provided for Ads and Ad Assets. Refer to the documentation on those pages for more information.

You can download an example bulk file in .csv format by clicking here.

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