Yahoo Native Video Ads

Yahoo Native Video Ads are clickable video ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo Ad Tech properties, apps, and third-party publishers. Native Video Ads view and completion rates have outperformed industry averages.

In a recent study, Yahoo Native Video Ads drive a 50% lift in brand favorability and 28% lift in purchase intent.


CPCV app install ads are no longer supported. CPC is the only price type available for app install ads. You can still create and serve static and video ad formats, however.


Support is now provided for CPM bidding for video ads. The minimum bid is $4 USD. Under PromoteBrand campaigns, a CPM bid is still set on Ad Groups, which can now take advantage of video ads.

Note that you can utilize the Data Dictionary API to retrieve all minimum bids for CPM videos in their respective currencies with a new field in the response: minBidCpmVideo.



Follow these steps to create video Ads:

  1. Create a Campaign with the objective set to VISIT_WEB or PROMOTE_BRAND, depending on your campaign’s goal (other objectives will not work).

  2. Create an ad group with a CPC bid type for VISIT_WEB or CPC for PROMOTE_BRAND.

  3. Create an video ad ensuring to include your videoPrimaryURL. Note that videos are required to meet the below specifications:

  • Formats: .mp4 .m4v or .mov

  • File Size: 1GB maximum

  • Duration: 5 seconds minimum, 30 seconds maximum for App Install campaigns, 5 minutes maximum for Promote Brand campaigns.

  • Aspect Ratio: Minimum 480x360p (4:3) or 480x270 (16:9). Recommended 640x480 (4:3) or 640x360 (16:9)

  • Video Bitrate: 300kbps. Recommended 500kbps.

  • Audio Quality: If the video has audio, then it must have 2 channel stereo and minimum 32kbps. Recommended 64kbps.

4. When creating your ad, you will also need to include an imageUrl and imageUrlHQ Note that your images must meet the requirements of 1200X627 and 627X627 with the file formats of GIF, JPG or PNG and a maximum file size of 2MB.

  1. Set all levels to Active. If the ad passes approval, it will be eligible to serve within 24-48 hours.

Required Fields

The following table is a matrix view of required fields when serving native video ads:

Ad Type




Bid types







Video Ad (Native)







Video Mail Ads

Video Mail Ads, which run on desktop and mobile mail apps, have higher completion and unmute rates, driving better performance for advertisers, with viewer impact comparable to YouTube ads. That means, you can scale your video delivery by optimizing for mail.

The advantage is that users are tempted with a brief animation in their mail inbox, and then served a large video unit in an email window.

How It Works

Mail video ads play with the following sequence of steps:

  1. The video plays in the small thumbnail area for 5 seconds, in this example as GEICO.

video mail ad
  1. Once the video completes playing for 5 seconds, it pauses with a play button overlay on top.

  2. When users click the play button, or the ad itself, it plays the video within the email preview panel:

video mail ad plays

Pricing & Billable Click Events

Video Mail Ads can be bought on a CPC or oCPC basis. (Note that you can buy CPV in the Native UI.) The billable click event is when the user opens the advertiser’s landing page.

The 3-second preview isn’t counted as a billable play event or an ad impression, so advertisers are not charged for a view until the video plays for 3 seconds in the email preview panel.

For Android apps, this occurs when a user clicks on the mail pencil ad, which opens up a split screen experience that opens an advertiser’s landing page in one of the split screens.

For desktop and iOS apps, this occurs when a user clicks on the video itself, which in turn leads to an advertiser’s landing page. (This is essentially the second click, with the first click taking a user from the mail pencil ad to the video.)

Learn More

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To learn about Video Mail Ads, refer to Video Mail Ads.

For more information on deliverables, guidelines & specifications, refer to Yahoo Native Video App Install Ad Formats.