Seat Types


Describes the different seats available in the Yahoo DSP APIs.


In DSP, a seat is a licensed account that is held by an ad agency, trading desk, or direct advertiser that enables that organization to participate in the real-time bidding marketplace.

Access to the DSP is controlled by means of a seat license, which enables a user account acting on behalf of an advertising agency or direct advertiser to access the DSP platform and manage the advertisers and campaigns belonging to that seat.

Individual users working on behalf of an advertising agency or direct advertiser can be assigned multiple seat licenses. A seat license enables a user to view, update, and create objects for the advertiser accounts that belong to that seat.

The Seats APIs enable three related operations:

  • Users may view the seats available to them. The Read Seats API enables you to view a list of the seat licenses available to you.

  • Users may switch between seats. The Switch Seats:API enables you to switch between the seats available to you.

  • Clients may perform read, update, and write operations on advertiser data belonging to other seats. The Cross Seats APIs enhance existing endpoints to facilitate cross-seat actions

MSA Seat

This is a seat where the advertiser has access to both the Trafficking and Reporting API.

msa seat

GAN Seat

This is a managed seat that will only allow reporting API access.

gan seat

Native IO Seat

This seat is designed specifically for users who only want to run Yahoo Native campaigns.

native io seat