Yahoo Ad Tech Native Ad Platform

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Welcome to the Yahoo Native Ad Platform!

The Yahoo Ad Tech Native is a RESTful API based on a set of objects and services that enable API partners, developers and account managers to create, manage and retrieve advertiser data for ads, ad groups and campaigns programmatically.


Using the API, developers can

  • automate and manage campaigns at scale

  • read data for filtered lists of ads

  • specify objects for targeting

  • customize mobile search ads by using text variables

  • retrieve ad extensions that are grouped by type for a specific parent

  • query reporting at different entity levels and fetch reports in CSV format

  • take advantage of innovative mobile and desktop ad formats for maximum ROI and conversion


More than 40% of all Native ad spend flows through the API, compared to the Yahoo Native UI. The saving in time and resource allocation makes using the programmatic API a more cost-effective investment for partners and developers.


For onboarding, the API requires that you sign up, authenticate and obtain an API key for access. The steps are easy to follow, enabling you to integrate with Yahoo Native and start creating ads.

api diagram
  1. Apply for Access.

  2. Create an app and obtain an API key and secret.

  3. Explore the RESTful objects – Ad, Ad Extensions, Ad Group, Advertisers, Campaigns, Keyword, Shared Site Link and Targeting Attribute – and their relationships in the v3 API data model.

  4. Review the matrix of API endpoints for supported HTTP methods.

Key Partners

Some of Yahoo’s key partners using the RESTful API are shown in this graphic.

api clients

Partner Support includes product bulletins updated on a monthly cadence for Yahoo Ad Tech Native API partners, account managers and developers.

The Team

Once you sign up, you’ll get to work with a team of Yahoo Ad Tech Solutions Engineers. The team will assist you with

  • API onboarding, so you can get started quickly and easily, using time-tested best practices for making API calls and maximizing conversions. Our onboarding guide will systematically walk you through all the necessary steps and address your individual concerns.

  • API ongoing issues. The team will address any issues that surface when working with the programmatic API and escalate those issues to the appropriate engineering teams for rapid resolution.

  • API feature and enhancement requests. The team will handle your requests for new features, enhancements and updates to the API, per your input and feedback.


To reach out directly for more information, contact the team at <>