Testing - Sandbox

The Yahoo Native API provides you with a sandbox environment that you can use in your development workflow to test the creation and management of your advertising campaigns.

You use the same consumer key and consumer secret you obtained when you set up your OAuth to access the sandbox.


Resource URI


Sandbox Operations

The Yahoo Native API sandbox serves as a modified version of the production environment.

While all operations are designed to function the same in the sandbox as in the production environment, the campaigns and ads you create in this environment do not actually serve. The sandbox environment is completely separate from your production environment.

All campaigns, ads, and keywords you create in the sandbox are available in the sandbox environment only. There is no possibility that the ads you create in the sandbox will be accidentally served. Nor will your production accounts be charged for any mock transactions in the sandbox environment.

Create a Sandbox Account For Testing API Calls

You will need to create a sandbox account in order to test in this environment. You can do this by making a POST call to the sandbox signup endpoint and passing in the name you wish to call your test advertiser. The response will be a test advertiser object that will only be available in the sandbox environment. For example:

POST http://sandbox-api.gemini.yahoo.com/v2/rest/advertisersignup

Data passed
   "sandbox test"

Example response
  "errors": null,
  "timestamp": "2015-02-27 23:37:32",
       "response": [
           "advertiser": {
           "currency": "USD",
           "timezone": "America/New_York",
           "id": 123456,
           "advertiserName": "sandbox test"


Sandbox and production are two separate platforms. Objects created in the sandbox are only available in the sandbox. We currently do not have a User Interface for sandbox and there are no plans to create one as of now.