The Verizon Media partner support team is there to help you in every way possible with your development and programming efforts. Toward that end, you’ll find a wide range of resources dedicated to these topics, described in this section.

Resource Topics



Dynamic Parameters

Dynamic parameters are placeholder texts whose values can be dynamically set. You can customize mobile search ads by using dynamic parameters, either as dynamic text or tracking macros.

Data Dictionary

Use the data dictionary service to get a list of the supported values for different Verizon Media object attributes.

Best Practices

Collected best practices to provide you with strategies for optimizing your work with the Verizon Media API and achieving best results for your mobile and native ad campaigns.

Error Codes & Responses

API errors and responses.

Release Notes - Archived

An archive of notes, dating back to the initial release of the v1 Verizon Media API.

Product Ads - Deprecated

Product Ads API deprecated, effective as of 1 June 2016. A new Dynamic Product Ads pilot will be introduced soon.

Codes to Download for Location Mapping & Targeting

Codes for Adwords location mapping, Geo targeting, Interest targeting and Language targeting are available for download as comma-separated values (.csv) files:


You must have access to the API in order to perform the downloads.


FAQs appear in various sections dedicated to a particular topic, like Authentication, Reporting and Versioning FAQs.

Some topics refer to Verizon Media Account Management, like these:

Why does the data appear in the UI faster than it does in the API?

The UI will update your data more quickly than the API. However, you should note that the UI data is directional-only and is likely to change during the close of books for the day. Data from the API is more persistent. You can use the current APIs for intra-day updates.

What currencies does Verizon Media support?

The choice of currencies varies based on the country you selected. For a list of currencies supported by Verizon Media, refer to Billing FAQs.

You select the currency when you set up your account. You can’t change your currency selection after it is set during account creation. All monetary fields, like bids, budgets and spend in your Verizon Media account, will be reflected in that currency.

How can I populate the Sponsored By field for Ads imported from Bing?

When you import an ad from Bing, set Sponsored By (called Company Name in the UI) to the base Display URL. For example:

Display url: Sponsored By:

Can a Keyword have multiple bids at the same time?

There is only the one keyword CPC bid. Bid modifiers can change the final bid, but only 1 match type is allowed per keyword.

Additional Resources

You may wish to check out these additional resources dedicated to working with the Verizon Media Ad Platform and the Verizon Media API: