Creative Assets & Metrics


As a publisher, you can:

  • Review a creative and its assets. This includes clicks, impressions, revenue, last served and creative ID.

  • Block a creative from serving on your properties.

  • Unblock a creative so that it can serve on your properties.

  • Search by creative Id, title, or sponsor.

  • Filter creatives by status, time range, and type.

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Block Reason

If you decide to block a creative from serving, a modal will appear where you can choose from a predefined list of reasons or provide a custom comment using Other as to why the block is occurring. These blocked reasons offer context to other reviewers and assist with auditing.

Reasons for Blocking

  • Ad Content: Misleading, meaning the image/copy is misleading and violates content guidelines.

  • Ad Content: Offensive, meaning the image/copy is offensive and violates content guidelines.

  • Ad Content: Prohibited, meaning the image/copy is prohibited and violates content guidelines.

  • Ad Content: Outdated. The image or copy references something in the past that is no longer relevant.

  • Ad Quality: Image assets are pixelated, distorted, or of poor quality.

  • Ad Category: Incorrect advertising category.

  • Ad Copy: Copy contains spelling mistakes or styling issues.

  • Destination Content. The Destination content is misleading, offensive, or prohibited.

  • Destination Quality. The Destination does not load, has trouble loading, or loads incorrectly.

  • Localization: Creative or destination incorrectly localized, for example, a French ad in UK.

  • Deceptive Advertiser: Advertiser known for bad business practices.

  • Other: Displays an additional field for custom text. (Note the 250 character limit.)


If “Other” has been selected, the text field is mandatory for submission.

Example of Blocking Reason Modal


When you click the Block Creative button, a modal is displayed.



As a publisher, you can block a specific creative from serving by clicking its Block Creative button.

A “Block Reason” modal appears that allows you to:

  1. Choose whether you want to enforce this blocking on all of you sites (globally) or to this individual site (partially).

  2. Choose from a list of predefined reasons or have the ability to provide custom text.

Once you click Save, you can expect the creative to:

  1. Move from its current list to the blocked list.

  2. Display the reason for blocking under the “Reason for block” column in the blocked creatives table.

  3. To stop serving on your site(s) immediately.