Yahoo Native Ads from Yahoo Ad Tech let you combine various brand assets to produce rich, compelling ad experiences and display them alongside content, providing user interaction and engagement superior to traditional display advertising.

You can use video and images for vivid, personal and emotional brand storytelling across desktop, mobile and tablet. In so doing, you can reach over 650M mobile users across a massive mobile network of over 1,000 apps, including Yahoo Ad Tech properties, like Huffpost, AOL, Yahoo Entertainment, Finance, Lifestyle, News, Sports and top syndication partner apps.

Recommends provides support for a robust set of Yahoo Native ad formats, which enable a wide range of user experiences.


As a publisher, you can’t create these ad units but you can preview ad format layouts.

Explore Yahoo Native Ad Formats

To explore these ad formats, click the videos below for animated examples shown on mobile.

Standard Single Image Ads

Standard Single Image Ads are image-rich native ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within a content stream on Yahoo Ad Tech properties, apps and third-party publishers.

Compared to traditional display, native ads lift brand-related searches up to 3.6X, and site view-through up to 3.9X.

Recent attribution studies show that native ads account for an average 30% of incremental online conversions, more than double the conversions driven by the next largest tactic.


A Single Image Ad on mobile:

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To learn more about using Images Ads, refer to Create Yahoo Native Ads with Images.


A Carousel Ad on mobile:

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To learn more about Carousel Ad specifications, deliverables and guidelines, refer to Yahoo Native Carousel.

To learn more about using Carousel Ads, refer to Use Carousel Ads To Deliver Impactful Storytelling Messages.

Yahoo Native Video Ads

Yahoo Native Video Ads are clickable video ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo Ad Tech ad properties, apps, and third-party publishers. Yahoo Native Video Ads view and completion rates have outperformed industry averages.

In a recent study, Yahoo Native Video Ads drive a 50% lift in brand favorability and 28% lift in purchase intent.


  • Autoplay, sound off

  • From short form to 60+ second long form videos

  • Full caption & 3P viewability support


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To learn more about App Install Video Ads, refer to App Install Ads.

To learn more about Video Mail Ads, refer to Video Mail Ads.

To learn more about deliverables, guidelines & specifications, refer to Yahoo Native Video App Install Ad Formats.

Mail Sponsored Ads

Get your message across in a non-intrusive way by native Sponsored Mail Ads which open instantly right within Yahoo Mail.

  • Better targeting, since 100% of audience is logged in.

  • Higher click through rate compared to standard native ad.

  • Users can forward or save your promotional emails to refer to them.

  • Cut down on the funnel and with one click lead get templates.

  • Use one of our robust responsive email templates to present your products.



Moments is a new Yahoo Native ad canvas that scales across Yahoo Ad Tech’s category-leading mobile app and web properties. Leveraging the interscroller format, a Moments Ad is revealed as a user scrolls vertically until the experience fills the entire screen. Moments supports both static and video portrait assets, and is available for both managed and self-serve advertisers.

Check out Moments Ads Formats and Specifications for detailed information on Moments ad types and formats, with video examples and guidelines.