Tealium iQ Implementation


Describes how to perform hashing and pass the email to DSP via Dot using Tealium iQ.


If you’re using Tealium, follow these steps to perform the hashing and pass the email to DSP via Dot.


Before you begin, ensure that you’re using the latest Yahoo Dot template in Tealium. See Yahoo Dot template for Tealium for details.

  1. Add a Data Layer Variable (also known as a UDO variable) and set the Source to: customer_email_hashed.

  2. Add a JavaScript Code extension and paste in the following 3 lines of JavaScript code:

if (b.customer_email && !b.customer_email_hashed) {
    b.customer_email_hashed = b["customer_email"].toLowerCase().trim();


If you use a different Data Layer Variable for customer email addresses than customer_email, change customer_email in the code above to match your Data Layer Variable name. Leave customer_email_hashed as is.

  1. Set the title of this JavaScript Code extension to Customer Email Lowercase and Trim Whitespace.

  2. Add the Crypto extension, making sure it appears below Customer Email Lowercase and Trim Whitespace in your list of extensions.

  3. Set Hash Method to: sha256.

  4. Click Add Variable and select the customer_email_hashed Data Layer Variable you created in Step 1.

  5. Click the Approve for publish button in the Customer Email Lowercase and Trim Whitespace JavaScript code extension.

  6. Save and publish to Dev or QA for testing and validation.