DSP Campaigns With 3rd Party Re-directs


Describes how to enable Enhanced Attribution for Yahoo DSP campaigns where there are 3rd party re-directs to your landing page.


Enabling Enhanced Attribution involves turning on the feature in the platform as well as ensuring a JavaScript Dot Tag is implemented on the client website.

Here is a quick checklist to make sure this applies to your DSP campaign:

  • You’re running in the Yahoo DSP.

  • You’re using a 3rd party ad server or other solution that re-directs traffic from your ad to your landing page.

Click Through URL redirect:

click thru url

Impression Tracking URL:

additional tracking url

In the DSP UI

  1. In the DSP UI, navigate to the Advertiser in your seat.

  2. Click into Advertiser Properties in the top bar.

  3. In the bottom left corner, click the Enable enhanced attribution button.

enable attribution button

Ad Server Tracking Enablement in DSP

Yahoo DSP is compatible with various 3rd party ad servers. Each server has a different setup to integrate with the Yahoo Click ID.

Refer to the specific documentation for your server below.

Google Campaign Manager If you’re using Google Campaign Manager, follow the directions in the implementation guide.

FlashTalking For FlashTalking, follow the steps in the implementation guide.

All other re-directs If you’re using any other ad servers or custom redirects, follow the steps in the implementation guide.


If you have any questions, contact your Account representative.