Yahoo Native Publisher provides two types of publisher accounts:

  • Internal for Yahoo O&O properties and for strategic and premium partners, which are typically large enterprise corporations that have their own business contract in place. Premium publishers are similar to strategic partners but don’t require a contract in place and are known brands.

  • External for managed publishers and for 3rd-party publishers, which are handled by Yahoo Native Publisher account managers.

Data Model

The Yahoo Native Publisher data model is illustrated like this:

data model npub

Yahoo Native Publisher UI

The Yahoo Native Publisher UI provides you with a robust, feature-rich user interface and toolset that lets you easily control and manage which ads are displayed on your websites and apps.

native publisher ui

To work with the UI, you’ll want to explore these topics:

Native Publisher API

The Yahoo Native Publisher API allows you to manage publisher-related entities. The API provides you with a set of RESTful objects that you can use to programmatically create and manage multiple sites with multiple placements on those sites.

Using these RESTful objects, you can access HTTP resources, which return a set of JSON representations along with their corresponding data types.

To get started, you’ll need to apply for access and an API Key. The process is simple and straightforward.

Follow these steps:

  1. Just fill out the form at Apply for Access.

  2. Once you complete the form, you’ll need to create an app and obtain an API key and secret.

  3. See the section on API Authentication for details on how to Create an app and obtain an API key.


A prerequisite for working with the Yahoo Native Publisher API is an understanding of HTTP, XML, JSON, and a cursory knowledge of query languages.