Yahoo Native Publisher Documentation

Welcome to Yahoo’s Native Publisher!

This guide is intended for Yahoo Native publishers, developers and account managers. It serves as the source of truth for the Native Publisher API and UI.

Use the guide as a toolkit to navigate topics and essential reference material, and to explore implementation details, how-to’s, case studies, FAQs and best practices.


Yahoo Ad Tech now provides premium Yahoo Native publishers with a new publishing solution. The solution is built on a modern software stack that supports the needs of both strategic partners and premium publishers, as well as Yahoo Ad Tech’s O&O (owned and operated) properties.

Value Proposition

Yahoo Native Publisher lets you perform a wide range of tasks in managing ads displayed on your websites and apps. Some of those tasks include the ability to:

  • Manage ad placements and request specific ad formats.

  • See reports on your ad monetization and performance.

  • Review and block ads that show up on your websites and apps.

To work with the Yahoo Native Publisher UI and API, you’ll need to sign a contract with Yahoo and set up a plan for invoicing via Salesforce, for example. Once you’ve met those requirements, you’ll be able to take advantage of the UI and API to set up ad units, review creatives, block lists, see reports, and so on.


Yahoo Ad Tech O&O properties are not allowed to configure publisher accounts.

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is intended for new and existing premium publishers. These include internal Yahoo Ad Tech O&O (Owned & Operated) publishers, as well as third-party premium publishers.

To sign up, you can reach out to us via email or by contacing a Yahoo Ad Tech account manager. Self-serve signup is not currently available at this time.

The platform provides tools for publishers externally and internally who wish to manage their supply in the Yahoo Native ad platform, once you’ve been vetted and onboarded via Yahoo Ad Tech Sales & Marketing teams.

Have Feedback?

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are important to our product and engineering teams.

For support, you can email the Yahoo Ad Tech Team at or, if you’re working with the Yahoo Native Publisher API, reach out directly for more information and support at

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