The Yahoo DSP API is a service that provides Yahoo and partner developers with RESTful access to Yahoo DSP advertising and reporting features. You can use these services to programmatically monitor, create, and manage advertising campaigns.


Use the Yahoo DSP API to programmatically manage your advertising campaigns.

  • Create, manage, and read core objects including advertisers, campaigns, line items, targeting, and deals.

  • Optimize campaign performance on the fly by adding or removing line items or making adjustments to targeting and bid prices based on current reports.

  • Perform read, update, and create actions across seats.

  • Comprehensive line item targeting.

  • Safely test your API integrations in a sandbox environment that mimics the production environment, but won’t affect live campaigns.

  • Programmatically return reports that use metrics and dimensions available through the Report Builder console.

  • Query reporting at different entity levels and fetch reports in CSV format.

Customer Support

If you need help, contact your account representative. Provide detailed information about your request to the platform including the request headers and payload and details of response received from the service.