Happy Path

Use the Yahoo Native Ads Marketplace API to buy inventory on Yahoo owned and operated publisher properties.


This guide is intended for application developers that have already integrated an application with the DSP Traffic API, but want to extend the application to include Yahoo native campaigns in the DSP.

The following overview provides a “happy path” to trafficking Yahoo native ads using the Yahoo DSP API.

  1. Choose an advertiser that has met the Yahoo native Prerequisites.

  2. Use the Traffic API Advertisers calls to obtain information about your advertiser.

  3. Use the Traffic API Campaigns calls to create a campaign under your advertiser.

  4. Use the Yahoo native marketplace API to create a Yahoo native line. See Yahoo Native Lines for details.

  5. Add targeting rules to the line. See Yahoo Native Line Targeting for details.

  6. Create bid multipliers for the line. See Yahoo Native Bid Multipliers for details.

  7. Optionally set up and target native lists (app lists and site lists) for the line. See Yahoo Native Lists for details.

  8. Set up your creatives. See Yahoo Native Creatives for details.

  9. Configure your ads. See Yahoo Native Ads for details.

  10. Activate the line. See Example: Activate Paused Line for details.