FAQs - Dynamic Product Ads

If I am an advertiser with a product feed but I do not have dot pixel, how can I use DPA?

To use DPA, you must have dot pixel integrated in your websites.

How do I create the feed?

You can create the feed using:

  • The Product Feed Operations API

  • Put it in the dropbox and let your Sales Representative know the update feed location.

What happens to my product ads if I update with a new feed?

All the product in the latest feed will be consumed.

If there are new products added in the latest feed, corresponding new product ads are created. If an existing product is updated, then the product ad is also updated.

If product is missing in the latest feed, the corresponding product ad from the earlier feed continues to serve.

How is my ad displayed on Yahoo?

The ad is presented in the same format as any native ad is shown by the property. The Title of the ad will include “title - price”. “Advertiser name” field will be used to show as “sponsored by”.

How do I delete a product ad?

Mark the availability field of the product in your latest feed as “out of stock”.

How are product images used in DPA?

Dynamic Product Ads images will be shown anywhere Yahoo ads are served. We support the following image sizes:

  • 82x82 pixel (1:1 aspect ratio)

  • 627x627 pixel (1:1 aspect ratio)

  • 1200x627 pixel (19.1:1 aspect ratio)

Based on the image received via the image link in your feed, the image will be cropped to fit in one or more of the above sizes.

Different publishers support different image sizes. Your product ads will be served to any publisher who supports the image size we could generate from your image. For example, if your image size is 439 x 527, then we can generate only an 82x82 image from it. Your ad will serve on all the publisher websites that support an 82 x 82 image.

What are the different ways I can send retargeting information?

DPA supports 3 ways of sending retargeting data:

  1. You can use your current dot pixel. Any dot pixel received from your website that contains product id in your URL referrer will be used for DPA retargeting for that user. This product id should be same as the id provided in the product feed.

  2. You can enhance your dot pixel for websites that contain products in your product feed to send custom events. Details are available in Custom Event - Pixel Retargeting under Retargeting section below.

  3. You can make API calls to send your user recommendations directly. The details are available in User Recommendation in Retargeting Section below.

  4. Note that if both dot pixel and the user recommendation are received for a user, the user recommendation will be given preference.

How do I use custom events in dot pixel for DPA?

Refer to the custom events section in retargeting.

Where can I get information about performance of my product ads?

All the current reports will work for DPA except the Ad-Level performance report.