Dynamic Product Ads - API

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are feed-based ads that can be shown on a Yahoo Native ad platform. DPAs provide you with a retargeting and prospecting solution that is personalized to a users’ unique shopping history.

Value Proposition

Using Dynamic Product Ads, your retargeted ads will scale to users who have visited your product websites. That means, you can reach new (prospecting) or existing (retargeting) customers, and retarget them with relevant products based on the following:

  • Site behaviors (i.e., viewing a product, adding a product to the cart and product purchase).

  • Yahoo Search and Yahoo Mail signals (used for prospecting solutions).

The power of this ad solution is that one dynamic product feed enables you to work with multiple native ad formats, i.e., single image ads, carousel feed ads, mail shopping ads and native mail ads.


How it works


Display products to shoppers who have interacted with your products or shown interest about those products on your website.

One-time Setup

You don’t have to constantly refresh your creative - use your catalog feed to automatically create native ads, saving you time and effort.

Personalized Creative

Dynamic ads automatically update according to your shoppers’ buying habits.


Rely on Yahoo’s massive reach to connect you to your target audience throughout the path to purchase.


Because Dynamic Product Ads automatically show products to shoppers who have already Viewed, Searched, Initiated Checkout or Purchased a hotel or cruise reservation, they provide an effective solution for travel and hotel retailers.


If you’re working with the Yahoo DSP RESTful API, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of HTTP, XML, JSON, as well as a cursory knowledge of query languages.

Get Started

To get started with Dynamic Product Ads, be sure to review the topics in this section. The section is intended to provide Yahoo native API partners, account managers and developers with information about important prerequisites when implementing your DPA product catalogs.

To take advantage of feed-based ads with retargeting, consider the following:

  • You’ll need to instrument a pixel and a custom event script. Both the pixel and the script must be placed across your product pages on your website.

  • Be sure to review the product feed setup section.

  • Note that retargeting works effectively if you have a high volume of website visitors.

  • If you’re familiar with Facebook Dynamic Ads or Google Ads, you’ll find the process much easier to understand and work with.


A Product Feed, also known as a product catalog, is a data file that consists of an advertiser’s product information, leveraged by any commerce advertiser across verticals, like Retail, Travel and Auto. Using a product feed means that you can retarget your customers by taking advantage of Yahoo native platform tools for dynamic creative optimization and simplified campaign setup and maintenance, so you can scale on the Yahoo Native marketplace.

A Product Set contains filtering criteria that maps Dynamic Ads to native lines and to a Yahoo native ad campaign. This mapping is required in order to determine the bid and budget for products in your product catalog. One product, for example, can belong to multiple products sets and thus to multiple native lines and campaigns.

DPA’s rely on Yahoo pixels, which can be either a 1x1 image pixel or a snippet of JavaScript code provided to an advertiser. A pixel is an organizational structure for a series of rules. One pixel can contain many rules. Once you create pixels, you can add rules for tracking conversions and retargeting.


You’ll need to install pixels on your webpages in order work successfully with DPA and share user data with Yahoo. When a user visits your website, for example, a pixel will transmit important data about the user – like user activity. The Yahoo native targeting system will then “listen” to the signals from the pixel and store that data in the User profile store.

The API Solutions Team

You can work with the team of Yahoo Ad Tech Solutions Engineers. The team will assist you with:

  • API onboarding, so you can get started quickly and easily, using time-tested best practices for making API calls and maximizing conversions. Our onboarding guide will systematically walk you through all the necessary steps and address your individual concerns.

  • API ongoing issues. The team will address any issues that surface when working with the programmatic API and escalate those issues to the appropriate engineering teams for rapid resolution.

  • API feature and enhancement requests. The team will handle your requests for new features, enhancements and updates to the API, per your input and feedback.


To reach out directly for more information, contact the team at <solutionsengineering@yahooinc.com>.


The following topics describe how to work with Dynamic Product Ads.



Integrate Dynamic Product Ads

Describes the steps to integrate DPAs, so your ad starts serving to users you are retargeting when a user visits anywhere Yahoo native ads are served.

Product Feed Operations

Describes feed operations for Dynamic Product Ads in the Yahoo native marketplace.

Product Set Operations

How to create Dynamic Product Ad sets in the Yahoo native marketplace.

DPA Pixel Instrumentation

Describes how to track the product that the user has interacted with on your website, using pixels and event action parameters.

DPA Rule Operations

Describes rule operations for Dynamic Product Ads in the Yahoo native marketplace.

Ad Templates

Describes how to customize your product ad fields with macros.

Funnel Targeting

Describes the resources that you can use to read and define funnel targeting.

FAQs - Dynamic Product Ads

Addresses most frequently asked questions for DPA.

Product Recommendation API for DPA Integration

Describes the 3rd-Party (3P) and Yahoo DSP API integration process and workflow for DPA.