Yahoo Ad Tech DataX API Specifications

DataX is an aggregate Yahoo Ad Tech infrastructure that hosts various components that enable Yahoo Ad Tech to exchange data with its external partners in a secure, automated and scalable manner. This guide describes the partner-facing RESTful API that facilitates this exchange.

Value Proposition

Yahoo Ad Tech partners can exchange structured data against user identifiers, such as cookies, user-matched ids, household IDs, and so on. In addition, partners can share information, like segment qualifications, user attributes, seed segments, and audience models, using the DataX infrastructure and RESTful APIs.

Topics to Navigate

To take advantage of this RESTful API, you should explore these topics:




What is DataX?


Structure description.


Taxonomy data ingestion.

User/Audience Data

Audience data ingestion.


API authentication.

Sandbox Environment and Onboarding

Sandbox configurations.

Real-Time API

Real-Time API specifications.

Partner Match API

Partner match API specifications.

Measurement Feeds

Measurement feed API specifications.

Rate Limits

Rate limitation quota limits.


GDPR Compliance.

Best Practices

Best practices with code samples, implementation notes, status codes and messages, and FAQs.

Appendix A - Sample Taxonomy

Sample JSON hierarchical and flat taxonomies.