Sandbox Environment & General Onboarding Guidelines

The DataX team has prepared a sandbox environment that is available to partners and developers for integration, development and testing.

Steps to Onboard & Create a Sandbox

Follow these steps as a general guideline towards onboarding DataX:

Step 1: You review this API spec.

Step 2: You create API keys as documented in the authentication section of this document.

Step 3: You share with Yahoo the AppId that is generated as part of the API key generation process.

Step 4: Yahoo Ad Tech onboards you on the sandbox environment:

Step 5: You develop and test against the sandbox environment listed in the previous step.

Step 6: You and Yahoo Ad Tech agree when you are production ready.

Step 7: You create another AppId for use in the production environment:

Step 8: Yahoo Ad Tech onboards your new AppId for production use. You continue to use your sandbox AppId / access for ongoing development and integrations.