Partner Match (Data-In) API Specification

DataX is an aggregate Yahoo Ad Tech infrastructure that hosts various components that enable Yahoo Ad Tech to exchange data with its external partners. This exchange occurs in a secure, automated and scalable manner.

This specification describes the partner-facing RESTful API that enables this exchange. Partners can exchange structured PII-based data against users.


Yahoo Ad Tech is committed to honoring consumer privacy while providing a personalized, relevant advertising experience to our global users.

In an effort to both increase data match rates and further align to our privacy and security principles, Yahoo Ad Tech will no longer be sending out hashed CRM to our partners. Instead, we are introducing a new process for matching that will continue to support all existing targeting, measurement and planning solutions we currently support via the Partner Match Program.

Partner Program

Going forward, our Partner Match Program will rely on partners sending Yahoo Ad Tech their hashed email and hashed phone number data. Partners can assign their own Partner ID to a hashed email or hashed phone number and we will create a mapping file in-house.

In return, we will share a file of all matched IDs to enable all planning workflows and share exposure data keyed of a Partner ID for measurement.