Use this API to upload user qualifications for an individual taxonomy-entity {id} of type “SEGMENT”. User qualifications for a SEGMENT can also be uploaded via the recommended POST /audience API detailed in the previous section. This is an alternative way of uploading a segment if you choose to do so. If you have special characters in your taxonomy ids, ensure that your HTTP client URL encodes the end point.


This does not support the partner match (PXID) or hash email identifiers.

Text Representation

A row (unit of data) in the payload must be a simple text value for the URN that qualifies in this segment (without any quotes or pipes or brackets etc. Just the URN, one per line).



  1. The user identifier URN must conform to “urnType” specified in the metadata of the POST call.

  2. ResourceType for this representation is “datax-segment”.

Representation Example – Upload user qualifications for segment OH224

A payload of three qualifying users with URNs 99ff2333, 07feb252 and f10d53af will look like the following prior to compression:


POST Call Example

Everything except the following is identical to the POST Call Example listed for /audience in the previous section:

  1. URI - POST /audience/segment/OH224

  2. Metadata response - “resourceType” : “datax-segment”