Data will be limited to a specific advertiser’s use, and Yahoo will be considered a processor. For any other data licensed for broader use, Yahoo will be considered a controller.

Each segment node within a taxonomy file is required to contain the following JSON attribute if gdpr_mode is set to true:


  • oath_is_controller - consistent with the IAB-EU Transparency and Consent standard, named and explicit consent for Yahoo to process the data for specified purposes has been given by each identified data subject.

  • oath_is_processor - the data is conveyed for Yahoo to act as a data processor under the GDPR and pursuant to a pre-existing contract between Yahoo and a third party data controller.


  • If a segment is classified as oath_is_processor, the audience file does not need to include the gdpr parameter.

  • oath_is_controller is the default value applied for segments without a gdpr_mode parameter included.

Taxonomy POST Request Example

    "name": "Taxonomy GDPR Changes",
    "type": "SEGMENT",
    "subTaxonomy": [
        "name": "Segment One",
        "id": "segment_one",
        "gdpr_mode": "oath_is_controller"
        "name": "Segment Two",
        "id": "segment_two",
        "gdpr_mode": "oath_is_processor"